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  1. no idea for a render


    1. MojangYang


      guy standing on the edge og a cliff, overlooking a plain

  2. i actually got kicked, thanks for telling, GamersonVideos

  3. i got myself banned from MI discord for being a moron, its like accidentally hitting myself with guided missile 

  4. i feel like i want to stop my chinese-malaysian friend from being too perverted, his name in this forum is Hoyuchen

    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Thank you for telling us something we didn’t want to know about nor did we even care to learn. 

    2. Ehsanium


      i think i always tell something unimportant

    3. OzFalcon


      Keep us updated Ehsanium, you're doing God's work my friend :thumbsup:

  5. imagine being a former fan of heavy metal and you headbangs over dubsteps

  6. i just broke my phone's system and my discord 2FA is inside

    1. StarFX


      i just Smashed my Laptop and lost the file of an animation that i've been working for about 2 months

  7. so i deleted my old server and replace it with new one, i think advertising discord server is allowed


  8. did Trixie really joined this forum, or its just an imposter account?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MicrogamerCz


      Who  is Trixie?

    3. Ian_The_One
    4. Ehsanium


      i think other active member in official MI discord server can explain

      someone said that she made NSFW stuff with MI,  i asked Mineshaft for the proof a long ago

      also, she's the Official MI Discord member who speaks broken english

  9. 1f7710b1269f2e64876b7d640954accd.png

    so i'm back using pixel art for models again, this is my lastest gun model, the design concept is taken from Parrying Pistol from a RPG game called Trove

  10. how about JoJo part 2 opening soundtrack for the opening song? that's my idea, wait, that's copyrighted
  11. i heard someone said that MI is open-source, which version?

  12. my render skill is getting rusty Edit: 5:13 AM, 12 february 2020 this render was made before i'm rebooting the story in February 10th OC used: Aiko Kazeko (post-artifact event)
  13. i made a bow model, the sprite is taken and modified from ice bow and sharanga from terraria


  14. i remember Astro Boy, what a nostalgia

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