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  1. how about JoJo part 2 opening soundtrack for the opening song? that's my idea, wait, that's copyrighted
  2. i heard someone said that MI is open-source, which version?

  3. my render skill is getting rusty Edit: 5:13 AM, 12 february 2020 this render was made before i'm rebooting the story in February 10th OC used: Aiko Kazeko (post-artifact event)
  4. i made a bow model, the sprite is taken and modified from ice bow and sharanga from terraria


  5. i remember Astro Boy, what a nostalgia

  6. i'm thinking of a tribute rig, its a luxury-looking baseball bat with the word "B4014" on it, i'm gonna name it "tribute bat", its been a few weeks i didn't make it
  7. i broke my glasses so i use the old one


  8. that outfit reminds me of arms dealer from terraria
  9. where is the pivot option that align the part in the new modelbench?

  10. thinking of sutando user OC

  11. back in the year 2010, i created my first OC called Boris, he's a superhero who lives in Earth, he was remaked few times after being removed in the newer version of Ehsanium World, the lastest version of him was a father of the current main OC i remember that Ehsanium World 2010 is a cringefest note: his first appearance is not a minecraft skin
  12. asking someone for crossover, hope it succeed


  13. that makes me want to quit cracking stuff, the first reason i want to quit cracking is my thought about ads in adfly and other similar website that gives virus

  14. You're inspiring me, kinda

    But my story skill might be not interesting for many peoples

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