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  1. do you have a nether lighting tutorial
  2. Nether [4K]

    wherre is the tutorial on the lighting I could use some help on that
  3. The Tower

    OK Cool
  4. The Tower

    Cool man. Have you tried that walking dead background yet like i suggeted!?
  5. Room (isometric render in mine-imator)

    This room looks exactly like mine I oo the same thing in my room the creeper shirt
  6. Name a Pokemon I'll make a statue of it!

    froudon and kyoger groudon
  7. Springtrap, Bon, and Nightmare Bon

    nothin' just try the banjo and ill shut up deal lol
  8. Springtrap, Bon, and Nightmare Bon

    alright I rep then cn I get it lol
  9. Hey do you by any chance have that rig to your animatronic up for download by any chance because that thing is amazing

  10. Springtrap, Bon, and Nightmare Bon

    ok but ill be the first to get it right lol
  11. Springtrap, Bon, and Nightmare Bon

    maybe change it to a banjo try that and see what it looks like
  12. Springtrap, Bon, and Nightmare Bon

    I though golden Clyde guitar was a banjo though maybe fix that. other than that its an outstanding wallpaper i mean springtrap Can I use that rig lol that is amazing
  13. Hello Anxious Cynic! So is it possible to do an intro course. Compilation because I have an intro I would love to show you and Dont know how to put a video on the forums. xD write back if you think this is a good idea. 

    1. AnxiousCynic


      Thanks for the suggestion. I added it to my notes. ;)

    2. Pilotdestroyer6420
  14. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    yah im excited
  15. The Apocalypse

    ok by the way deleting you account online is really like kiling yourself online I really liked that really creative never could have thought of something like tht BD
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