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  1. Noah Rathman

    SL Render

    It's not done yet, but it'll be released soon.
  2. Noah Rathman

    SL Render

    Oh okay. Thanks for the Feedback.
  3. Noah Rathman

    SL Render

    I don't know what tonally means.
  4. Noah Rathman

    SL Render

    Funtime Francisco Pizzaro & Lolbit by: @Mr. Darl Private Room by Me.
  5. Funtime_Render.png?width=769&height=433

    Anything to criticize on this?

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    2. TheJeweledWolf


      I agree with BaconSandwich.

      But I mean, fad?

    3. Noah Rathman

      Noah Rathman


      I post what I like.

      I make what I like.

      I understand that not many people here like FAD, but I enjoy it so I'll make and Post it.

    4. TheJeweledWolf


      Fair enough. It still looks pretty good though.

  6. A render of my Nightmare F R E D D Y Rig. (It won't embed even if i use Imgur.)

  7. Another trash Five Hundred Nights at Froder's rig except this time it's a image.

  8. I need some criticism on this F.N.A.F. Molten Froody I made.

    I understand that some people may not like it because it's a FAD, but whatever.

    I just want to know what I can improve on it.

    Here's a video of the rig:


  9. Something is coming. Soon. Maybe.

    If my computer decides to cooperate with me.


  10. I get that almost everybody here hates FAD. I'm 100% fine with that. You have a right to an opinion too.

    And because that majority of people hate FAD so much, I'm just not going to post it. I know that it's annoying, and I'm not making the situation better by pestering people with it.

    I probably won't post on here, but whatever. Better than having everybody insult what I do and what I make.

    Have a good rest of your day.

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    2. -StickyMations-


      It is very much appreciated that you may be posting other type of content, but just remember that we hate fad because of the massive spam and unoriginality it sparked. The subject is so specific that it has become stale and been done to death, it's gotten to the point where everything about fad has already been done and it just doesn't add up to do even more about it, it just adds to the spam. 

      We just don't really like seeing the same thing over and over :$

    3. Noah Rathman

      Noah Rathman

      @HeYoNia, thank you very much, but just ignoring them will not help. If what I'm doing is making others upset, I'm just not going to do it.


      @-StickyMations-, I understand that. I really do. But the reason I did it in the first place is because I liked to do it.

      But like I said, I'm not going to do it anymore. I'm not one to stick with something if it upsets others.



      its ok we get it haters gonna hate but hating has no purpose so if there is hate then why are the commenting

  11. You know what'd make me stop posting FAD on here?
    If a good animator here (who hates FAD) makes a good FAD animation.

    That's all it would take for me to stop.

    Some good animator making a good 30 second FAD animation.

    But that'll never happen, because you all are chickens.

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    2. Nimi


      But why would someone that's good at animation waste their time and effort making something they despise?

    3. -StickyMations-


      @Noah Rathman Have you ever wondered why we don't like Fad? Have you ever asked yourself: "Well... what if these people hate this thing for a solid reason"? 

    4. JjCinemas


      It's still really stupid to bash other's people content for creating something based on you hate despite if it's good or bad sorely for the fact you hate the source material of said content ;) 

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