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    Five Night's at Freddy's. You probably got that...
    I also enjoy slaving over my SLOW FREAKING WINDOWS SEVEN.

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  1. If I turn my computer upside down, would you become Left Man?

    1. Ghatos
    2. Right Man

      Right Man

      no, i will still be right man ,but upside down....

      Heh XD

  2. Some more progress.


  3. Some Work in Progress for an animation.


  4. It's not done yet, but it'll be released soon.
  5. Oh okay. Thanks for the Feedback.
  6. I don't know what tonally means.
  7. Funtime Francisco Pizzaro & Lolbit by: @Mr. Darl Private Room by Me.
  8. Funtime_Render.png?width=769&height=433

    Anything to criticize on this?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheJeweledWolf


      I agree with BaconSandwich.

      But I mean, fad?

    3. Descrox



      I post what I like.

      I make what I like.

      I understand that not many people here like FAD, but I enjoy it so I'll make and Post it.

    4. TheJeweledWolf


      Fair enough. It still looks pretty good though.

  9. Animation Station


  10. A render of my Nightmare F R E D D Y Rig. (It won't embed even if i use Imgur.)


  11. Another trash Five Hundred Nights at Froder's rig except this time it's a image.


  12. I need some criticism on this F.N.A.F. Molten Froody I made.

    I understand that some people may not like it because it's a FAD, but whatever.

    I just want to know what I can improve on it.

    Here's a video of the rig:


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