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  1. Ink Bendy Rig

    let me guess.. your manny..
  2. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

  3. happy halloween

    also caus im 12..
  4. happy halloween

    im british.. you know what! if you people are just gonna complain at this then HOW ABOUT I JUST GET RID OF IT
  5. happy halloween

    why is this the first one of my post's to get hate... i thoght you peple woud of known by now that i cant just do batim forever.
  6. ive run out of idea on what to rig ._.

    1. hiendiep55


      Make a Non-Fad rig 


    2. Max The Fox

      Max The Fox

      i dont even know what that is..

  7. F.N.A.F map of sister location

    cool it look's like the real thing just more blocky .w.
  8. Ink Bendy Rig

    well i just uploaded boris so you can have that rig
  9. boris.. again

    if you can remember my first rig was a Boris but it wasent good so here's the newer version i made .w. download V
  10. Ink Bendy Rig

    well im sorry but people cept getting mad at me cause of it but im still gonna release the new Boris rig
  11. Ink Bendy Rig

    ive sadly had to remove the download link caus of peple getting mad at me about the rig
  12. Ink Bendy Rig

    if you dident like them then why did you add them..
  13. Ink Bendy Rig

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