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  1. A random animations

    Sorry for being away for a while. I decided to come back with an animation. The update is actually very nice. And is more organized. I'm working on making more animations with Mine-imator. <html> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/5ALcEmYhQFo" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe></html> The animation
  2. My first animation, (Physics Test)

    ok. thanks for the help
  3. My first animation, (Physics Test)

    thanks very much. now i can use them in animations. But are any credits needed?
  4. My first animation, (Physics Test)

    alright. i'll wait
  5. My first animation, (Physics Test)

    can you attach it for me
  6. Axe Throwing Test

    Good animation. The movement especially.
  7. My first animation, (Physics Test)

  8. My first animation, (Physics Test)

    Love it! Wow! Very good animation. Where'd you get the sounds? You're going to be a great animator [Unlike me:( ] But still good animation
  9. 3D Bow Rig

    Pretty good. I still can't make rigs. not yet................
  10. My new weapons rig

    i use paint.net but i will try to make a rig of a human. Thanks though for the advise i will try to improve my texturing skill but Bluey already told me that it is not a rig Oh! and thanks Bluey for the advice i'll try to follow it.
  11. My new weapons rig

    sorry if you don't like it but maybe some advise
  12. My new weapons rig

    reply if you downloaded it. Tell me if you liked it.
  13. My new weapons rig

  14. My new weapons rig

    i'm working on a sycthe rig. i will add it seperately for those who have already downloaded the previous rig.
  15. Piercing Rig

    looks good. be great in family animations. seriously. no joke
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