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  1. Standing Lamp Rig

    great as always
  2. Christmas Collab

    ill join why not. is there a rig for the present we have to use? or a schematic for the christmas tree?
  3. Truth Of R E A L I T Y

    nah make something new pls. stop fantasizing and snap back to reality
  4. Random Items Sheet

    not enough of this random item crap cool
  5. Five Nights at Scratch's 2 Office

    That is also true, but fortunately most people respect creations with effort put in, outweighing those who don't.
  6. No Editing Collab

    Yeah sure I would consider joining however effects are not my strong suit so I would not use them normally but after serious consideration and arguing among myself and even consulting some trusted friends you may consider me "in". I'm in
  7. The Somber War

    This animation, although the lighting needs work, is really cool narrative-wise. Offtopic: What is civcraft, I tried joining the server but was confused
  8. Zombie City [4K Cinematic Wallpaper]

    Fantastic Lighting and detail!
  9. Some Pixel Art

    Yeah, I figured if it wasnt that it would be csgo
  10. Some Pixel Art

    Cool! Is that Jager and Smoke?
  11. Cute Slime Tower

  12. Plastic Steve (Rig)

    yeah oops
  13. Plastic Steve (Rig)

    The rig is super smooth! I Like it
  14. Duel of the Ages [2K]

    posing definitely needs some work, along with the lighting
  15. Simpler Cobalt Rig

    Pretty good rig, however maybe change the headphones to yellow they do not match the rest of your brown, blue, white, and yellow color scheme
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