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  1. As the title states, i found a folder on my PC that had a TON of old renders, i cant remember the context for all of them, but i will state the context for the ones i know the backstory to.

    Before we get to the old cringe, here is some new renders.







    Ok, now here is the old stuff. These were made before i was a furry so they are all the old human version of foof



    This render was made when i was really into Resident Evil 7.



    This render was made for a old roleplay topic on the forums that i got involved in.



    This was a icon that i made for fray that they used for their server icon and forums icon for a while.



    I honestly cant remember making this, but i know it had something to do with a Pork Soda meme animation.



    Again, i cant remember the exact context behind this, but it was a collab with some friends.



    Old ugly icon.



    This is a icon i made and occasionally still use for when i stream VR games.



    This was made when i was into the new RE2:Remake.



    I was watching "It has no face" when i made this, its a creepypasta.



    Again, i made this old render back when i was into Resident Evil 7.



    NOTE: The following 2 posts were about commandia. 


    Just a simple render of a scenery.



    Joke poster i made for Commandia


    That's all the renders i see that are interesting in the folder.

    I have one last render but i want to leave that for its own topic.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Mineshaft Animation said:

    Because you’re a furry now. I know this because everytime someone makes a joke about furries on discord you get mad. You’ve never given this type of criticism before unless it was something against what you like. All in all, you’re biased about this render. You can’t lie to me and say you aren’t, I’ve known you long enough now. There’s no hiding the truth from me and everyone else who knows you.

    are you actually serious? these are lies. yes i'm a furry, but i don't hate every furry joke, if anything i laugh at a bunch of them because there really funny. i'm not just some guy who can't take a furry joke at all, you don't know me at all.

    now, let us end this conversation here.

  3. why has no one given actual criticism, because i have a hell of a lot of problems with this wallpaper.


    1. Clashing styles, if you want to have a realistic style with a face rig, then do that with everything,

    2. The posing is bland, you could of made the poses more dynamic by using more of the rotation options.

    3. The lighting looks bland, if you want more realistic lighting, i'd recommend using 2 or 3 point lights around the characters, and a spot light parented to the camera with every thing at default, at least that's how I get decent lighting.

    4. There's no dynamic rotation and position on the camera, if this is a war wallpaper against other groups, then wouldn't you want to make it look more intimidating or "epic"?

    5. The idea is so damn over used it's not funny at all any more.


    In total, id rate this a 4/10 wallpaper, if you want to prove me wrong or have anything you need to explain with this wallpaper, please do.

  4. Just now, Phyre said:

    Oh wow, looks really good 😄 only thing I'd potentially change is I sort of feel like the Netherrack in the top left of the background is sort of distracting, maybe there should be a Vignette or more contrast to sort of hide it, or a mob like a Blaze over there.

    thank you, i cant react anymore but just know that i would of

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