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  1. updated the wallpaper with new crates and barrels

  2. edit: i realized i forgot to add crates and barrels, frick
  3. i had way too much fun in this video if you cant tell


  4. just a simple render nothing to think about nope nah just look at the render its pretty cool right


  5. posting this here because i posted it pretty late last night

  6. for a first attempt, its honestly pretty okay, im not to good with CC on animations, so i cant really say much
  7. wow i hit 800 rep

    1. MicrogamerCz


      Slow down, you're gonna break the upvote button!

    2. Frost
    3. Floofy


      idk frost i just did

  8. if you didnt know trevor makes alot of really frickin good horror images and i wanted to make my own interpretations of the main creatures that people know from trevor siren head long horse cartoon cat
  9. i think i like cryptic creatures, or just plain creepy looking creatures too much

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    2. Floofy


      hell no that’s creepy even for my standards

    3. Ethaniel


      It's not really a cryptid or creepy but is part of my state's history, folklore and such. 


      This is the Hodag, isn't he just a cutie? 

    4. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      it strangely looks as inoffensive as a dog

  10. my current opinion, the new ui sucks on modelbench

    i would rather press a button to duplicate, or press a button to delete a element rather that having to go into the controls constantly to find shortcuts

    also why is there ssao in the view port?? i can understand for the preview, but the view port?

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    2. Ethaniel


      Im glad Im not the only one.

    3. Ethaniel


      Im fine if there are keybinds but having some features hidden away behind shortcuts just doesn't seem very user friendly. Not every new user is going to know to look at the controls when most things already have buttons. Just simply adding some things to a dropdown menu would be great.

    4. MicrogamerCz


      Oh, I didn't knew that, thanks Voxy and Ghatos

  11. this looks so cursed
  12. everything thing is great, but just why is there ssao?
  13. skin and/or rig in my signature | | V
  14. Floofy

    More art!!1!11

    wait so your telling me you want to eat him
  15. Floofy

    More art!!1!11

    a bunch of stupid stuff i made off of stock images Now, here is some stuff i actually made
  16. choccy milk is my life


  17. most of these were quick wallpapers its kinda obvious they would be bland
  18. while i’m on the forums, i’m gonna do what eliphaz did and post some music i like, this is a personal favorite


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