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  1. i wasn't really making these for criticism, i made these because i was in a really depressed mood and really just wanted to make something to let my emotions out. but thank you either way
  2. I know it was for credit, but if you know it’s a Minecraft porn account you should not of posted a link to it.
  3. why would you post a link to a twitter account full of minecraft porn?? they might of made the rig but please, dont post that there.
  4. Offtopic: this doesnt mean anything to the problem. Ontopic: Frost is right, it looks like your selecting at least 20 million blocks, some of them you don't need, but even then it might still be a lot for your PC to handle.
  5. https://discord.gg/sQnWKZt i have a discord server now! it just a random hangout place in a tavern

  6. happy birthday david, thank you for all you have done  :Cake:

  7. in my personal opinion the lights seem too strong, i have some street lights on my street and they aren't that bright
  8. this is bad, like when it said reanimated i expected it to actually be reanimated, even the parts not filled with too many memes weren't too well animated. (except for Hozq hes good at his animation.) also, if there were missing parts... why didn't you just delay and fix it?? what your saying is because they put hard work in it, I must like it? lots of people put hard work into animations on these forums, but do people like some of them? No.
  9. the way you said it makes it seem like a bad thing kinda Also its "Furries" not "Furrys"
  10. i mean... you could of done more than just edit a skin.. i've played the game and i know there's more detail than this.
  11. I have legit never seen a fad model like this before, if you can send one that looks like this, please do
  12. This is what I meant when I said my skin is ugly lmao
  13. im sorry for what happened the last time i posted this, especially the people that liked the rig, it was unwise of me to make the entire rig exclusive, so i made the textures much more organized and clean. The fluff is the only exclusive model because its a model made specifically for me, and if you want fluff, id be glad to help make your own, but i'm not letting you use mine. you dont have to follow this, but what i want is to have every rig using this to be unique, so id recommend trying to add accessories or features that represent your character Hope you enjoy it! EDIT: I forgot to mention, to the people who shared my deleted status update because of the drama on the original post, f**k off
  14. if im not too late, id say nobody needs help with making hair (i dont mean this in a "your stupid" way) id say experiment with cubes then finalize it in modelbench just my opinion, you can still ask someone
  15. when your mom tells you to be quiet in your room
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