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  1. LegendMC

    Ice (Tried to do Photorealism)

    Again, nothing much here. Pretty much dead in this place. So yeah, I was testing out in Blender and created this: To this (yeah, I had to compress the image in order to upload it to Imgur): That's basically it. Feedback would be appreciated. Night.
  2. Just gave up on making BFG 9000 model. Apparently, the way the UV works in MB isnt what I was hoping for. ? I was hoping to use the UV as a advantage for me to apply texture easily. 

  3. LegendMC

    Halo Energy Sword Rig

    So yeah, Im been pretty much dead on this forum for quite awhile. Not too long ago, I decided to ask you fellas whether should I release the Energy Sword Rig or not. Unfortunately, I forgot about that and blah blah until I rediscovered it while organizing files. So yeah, here ya go lads. Energy Sword: Here's my pointless video if you want to see camera take god damn 3 minutes to zoom in along with original Halo OST. DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/2AH33Xb Currently working on making BFG 9000 from DOOM 2016. BGF 9000 is scrapped. No longer working on it. Gave up. Cya lads.
  4. LegendMC

    Its This Time Of This Year Eh?: Blender

    Nothing too much going on, more like a test that I've made in Blender. Enjoy. Feedback/criticism are welcomed as always.
  5. LegendMC

    The Forum Wars Begins

    Aye bruh, add me in there someday. I was technically a lurker before I even created an account and said my first word here. ?
  6. LegendMC

    Battle of Iwo Jima: Blender

    Aight, nothing really going on here except I just made this thing in Blender. And no, this isn't to celebrate WWII. Just enjoy my pretty much usual over-edited wallpapers. Non-Composited Image: Composited Image: And the final one, I think I did horribly on it the more I come back later and look at it. I was trying to achieve old photo effect but I think I did it horribly. Enjoy at your own risk And speedart video here: I left something in the pinned comment ? That's it pals. ps: Is there any improvements that I should do?
  7. ...

    1. Fray


      We just want some CC for next time

      We are not saying you shouldn't down vote topics 

  8. @Mahdakcraft Ayo my dude. I just came back to see that you downvoted couple of my stuff. I hope it doesnt have to do anything with my Muslim Teacher :think:

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Mahdakcraft
    3. creepycreeper103


      this was an interesting thread to read

      @Mahdakcraft there's a difference between getting like 1 comment downvoted for what you said and getting a bunch of your stuff downvoted because of you downvoting someone else. but hey, anything to help your rep.

    4. DuallyElemental


      This is literally the dumbest thread I’ve seen here. @Mahdakcraft your translator is probably really bad. Either way, buzz off, Legend has done nothing wrong, you can’t just downvote god stuff outa nowhere

  9. LegendMC

    Up On The Roof Tops [4K Cinematic]

    The blue dot bothers me.
  10. So yeah, my English Muslim teacher said this morning "Happy 9/11!".

    1. MYSELF3200



    2. Chirp


      Allahu Akbar

      This is a joke, no ban pls

  11. PLRM1Ai.jpgAyo, should I release it? :think:


  12. LegendMC

    Wendy Rig

    Someone better send this to Wendy's.
  13. Ruh oh.


    Edit: He deleted it. 

  14. LegendMC

    Need minor character pokémon rigs

    Why not make it yourself?
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