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    *Taking my knowledge to the next level
    *Something that's challenging
    *Going outside with fresh air
    *Messing around with Photoshop and AE
    *Watching videos
    *Making things for someone as long they pay me
    *Playing Minecraft (Since 2010)
    *Messing around w/ settings in MI

    *Anime (Except DBZ)
    *Donald Trump
    *Wasting my time watching the video that isn't what it's about
    *Slow Internet
    *Customer that doesn't even make sense
    *People who repeat over again nonsense
    *People who are just selfish or have the mind of 8 years old
    *Not talking in English the correct way

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  1. Ruh oh.


    Edit: He deleted it. 

  2. LegendMC

    Need minor character pokémon rigs

    Why not make it yourself?
  3. LegendMC

    Nadine and Chloe

  4. LegendMC

    Hypixel Lobby

    Nothing much you know? I quit MineImator and yeah. I guess I'll post more that I've made with Blender. Yup, 100% made with Blender. Without Nodes: With Nodes: Feedback/Criticism are welcomed as always.
  5. LegendMC

    Better Steve v3

    Time to test it out on AutodeskBlendimator4D.
  6. LegendMC

    Enternal Pond: Blender Speed Render

    Heyo, it's been awhile since I have posted something in this place. Apparently, I decided to give up MineImator because I felt like I can't just stay there forever and call myself a best if I hadn't gone something beyond. With that means said, I quit MineImator and moved on to Blender. I've used it before but I felt like it was too complicated and fair enough, it actually it wasn't really. Here is my most recent ones. Non-Composited: Composited(WARNING: Bring a Sun Glasses) Anyways, here is the speedart to see how I actually done it. Enjoy I guess? Feedback/criticism are welcomed.
  7. LegendMC

    The Unvoted Mobs

  8. LegendMC

    Modelbench Beta 0.4.2

    *Siren Alarm Roger that, I sense FAD invasion coming right away.
  9. LegendMC

    Converting files

    Not at all.
  10. LegendMC

    GTA 5 "MV"/Movie (Please Rate!)

    Welcome back?
  11. LegendMC

    AMA (OC edition)

    I heard that birds are smart. If so, can you help me with my HW? let f(x)=1sqrt7 Compute the limit as H---0 f(5+h)-f(5)/h
  12. LegendMC

    Enderman Teaser

    Blue particles? I kinda see where this is going.
  13. Did your ear surgery thing go well?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. LegendMC


      Sure it does! Actually, it gives me a headache. lol


    3. RedAnimator


      Wow, okay. Well, I'm glad it went well. :thumbsup:

    4. LegendMC


      Thanks man. Really appreciated. 

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