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  1. fuzzehead06

    Knight Sword Model

    the non-sharp part
  2. fuzzehead06

    Our real faces?

    Thats just a more blonde justin beiber
  3. fuzzehead06

    Spider-man Homecoming Homemade Suit

    Better Demonstration Of The Suit i also added a texture and changed the webs https://streamable.com/e6mu9
  4. fuzzehead06

    Our real faces?

    You look like the nerdy kid that nobody wants to be friends with but at the same time they do because your cool in a different way
  5. fuzzehead06

    Minecraft Story Mode: Petra Rig

    Can You Please Put These In Rigs?
  6. fuzzehead06


    oh wow
  7. fuzzehead06


    Your welcome
  8. fuzzehead06

    Possible New Series?

    yeah you should but like @9redwoods said you Need to have some transitions and i think you should improve on your lighting a bit
  9. fuzzehead06

    Todoroki render

    cool boi btw how do you do that fire? i have seen it on the mi twitter but i cant figure out how
  10. fuzzehead06

    RC-XD Car rig

    its from cod black ops 2
  11. fuzzehead06

    Its Bald Man

    why do people keep puttin my rigs in mb creations?
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