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  1. well the render depth thing is a glitch so
  2. fuzzehead06

    First person camera {PS Warning}

    well what you would do is parent the camera to the characters head then when you move his head the camera moves!
  3. fuzzehead06

    Walking and SFX Test

    T H E F L O O R I S S L I M E
  4. fuzzehead06

    Engineer rig (Tf2)

  5. fuzzehead06

    Happy new year 2019!

    I know i forgot to put the last explosion..... sorry...
  6. fuzzehead06

    Heavy rig (tf2) UPDATE!

    Yous till need to give credit Here's updated HOOVY! (He's not this stretched) D O W N L O A D : https://www.mediafire.com/file/alzbwkvjx1btf74/Heavyrig.rar/file
  7. fuzzehead06

    Editing test

    beside's from the hd rendering i edited everything including sans' blue eye flame the reflection is also in MI
  8. fuzzehead06

    Heavy rig (Tf2)

    why does everybody assume i'm just starting? thx btw
  9. fuzzehead06

    Heavy rig (Tf2)

    like i said i'm always taking suggestions so if you want heavy to be a rig then mk
  10. fuzzehead06

    Heavy rig (Tf2)

    Plz credit like before Welcome back chum's! Here's a rig of heavy from tf2! Tell me anything you would like to see added..... --------------------------------------------------- HEAVY: WEAPONS: SANDVICH: ACTION SHOT!: If you make something with this tell me i would love to see ----------------------------- Download! Again please credit me: Old Version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/12ae796vwo91svv/Heavyrig.rar/file New version:
  11. fuzzehead06

    Engineer rig (Tf2)

    PLEASE GIVE CREDIT! Plz? :3 Hello there chum! Today i have an engineer rig from tf2 for ya! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- PICS Toolbox: Wrench Extrusions! Gunslinger! Shotgun! Here's the download! ----------------------------------------- https://www.mediafire.com/file/d2x8h6khf57u41b/EngierigReleasedVersion.rar/file Tell me anything you would like to see added! Thanks! Also if you make something with this Tell me! I would love to see it
  12. fuzzehead06

    Just an image I worked on.

    oh f n a f....
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