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  1. I said it in the title. I need the IT Pennywise (2017) Rig. JUST TO ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY WATCHED THE FILM!!!
  2. Long Time No See Eh? I Wanted an Optimus Prime Rig for the "final journey" of Transformers. I will make a fan Vid (uploaded to YT and In this forum) for Optimus Being an Inspirational Hero to me. Make it either in these 4 choices: A. G1 Optimus Version B. Optimus' Movie Version C. Optimus' Evasion Version D. Optimus' Knight Version YOU TAKE THE CHANCE PLEASE!!
  3. He wanted the diamond but he had no pickaxes or anything. He's defenseless though. He should say "STOP! DON'T TAKE MY DIAMOND BRUH!!" I did that because It's like having a montage sequence where the camera cuts. Also I'm not lazy. sometimes.....
  4. I like the way of cinematography being applied here. It's awesome!
  5. My First Collab Entry: Gimme a feedback! Don't say it sucks.
  6. this is a perfect rig yet!!! Definently recommended this one.
  7. COOL HUH? FOR REAL.. SKIBBZ's Corrupted Rig was the VILLAIN!
  8. First post!! This feature came to my mind when I'm watching blender rigs tutorial stuff, which is called, "Body bending sideways." Mine-imator has a feature of the body bending forward, and backward, but no sideways. So I would ask @david or @Nimi to add this in Mine-imator 1.0.7 and in Community Edition. Body bending sideways might change Mine-imator and its creators. This feature might be helpful for fighting animations, dancing animations and more. How does that sound?
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