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  1. SederColen_909

    I NEED A PENNYWISE RIG (2017 Version)

    I said it in the title. I need the IT Pennywise (2017) Rig. JUST TO ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY WATCHED THE FILM!!!
  2. SederColen_909

    I want an Optimus Prime Rig!!

    Long Time No See Eh? I Wanted an Optimus Prime Rig for the "final journey" of Transformers. I will make a fan Vid (uploaded to YT and In this forum) for Optimus Being an Inspirational Hero to me. Make it either in these 4 choices: A. G1 Optimus Version B. Optimus' Movie Version C. Optimus' Evasion Version D. Optimus' Knight Version YOU TAKE THE CHANCE PLEASE!!
  3. SederColen_909

    SKIBBZ's Pickaxe Execution Collab Entry

    He wanted the diamond but he had no pickaxes or anything. He's defenseless though. He should say "STOP! DON'T TAKE MY DIAMOND BRUH!!" I did that because It's like having a montage sequence where the camera cuts. Also I'm not lazy. sometimes.....
  4. SederColen_909

    Farewell Oblivion [Other Poster]

    I like the way of cinematography being applied here. It's awesome!
  5. My First Collab Entry: Gimme a feedback! Don't say it sucks.
  6. SederColen_909

    The Fortunate Timing Collab

    I like this!
  7. SederColen_909

    EnderSculptor's Nintendo Switch rig

    No problemo amigo!
  8. SederColen_909

    EnderSculptor's Nintendo Switch rig

    this is a perfect rig yet!!! Definently recommended this one.
  9. SederColen_909

    Forest (2k)

    Nice cinematic effect.
  10. SederColen_909

    Who's Your Villain? [2K]

    Huh. I noticed. oops.
  11. SederColen_909

    Who's Your Villain? [2K]

    Sorry. I just messed up at the beginning.
  12. SederColen_909

    Who's Your Villain? [2K]

    COOL HUH? FOR REAL.. SKIBBZ's Corrupted Rig was the VILLAIN!
  13. SederColen_909

    Human Body bending SIDEWAYS

    First post!! This feature came to my mind when I'm watching blender rigs tutorial stuff, which is called, "Body bending sideways." Mine-imator has a feature of the body bending forward, and backward, but no sideways. So I would ask @david or @Nimi to add this in Mine-imator 1.0.7 and in Community Edition. Body bending sideways might change Mine-imator and its creators. This feature might be helpful for fighting animations, dancing animations and more. How does that sound?
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