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  1. Arczision™

    The Gateway dimension

    Thanks for the feedback maybe I'd do it but I'm too busy with another MI project probably gonna make a another render involving the Gateway Dimension
  2. Arczision™

    The Gateway dimension

    "A dimension full of gateways to every planet in the universe arranged by what solar system it's in, what galaxy it's in, and what galaxy cluster it's in written in a language that translates itself to any language the being is native to but exploring it would be like trying to solve a endless labyrinth and can only be accessed via a Singularity Drive or to the center of the Bermuda Triangle. Those dudes in the Gateway Dimension are dead if they don't have a Singularity Drive because a Singularity Drive can be used to access the Gateway Dimension and also used to create shortcuts to the desired Gateway for a more easier way rather than exploring it
  3. Dude I can't find old one because it was already deleted
  4. WIP Ending scene of the first episode of my series also lighting and animation might get inconsistent since this was just made today and the other one got animated at November also how was the lighting on this one Also skins by:Mr. Banders, Rapke, and Voxy Non-edited (Though I did add the watermark and cinescope but it's not edited)
  5. Arczision™

    Wounded.. | 2K render

  6. More render features and reinvented bending, double yus.
  7. Specular lighting, glow effect, and bloom in MI Update yus
  8. Arczision™

    Add It On Collab 2

    Obviously the most recent one
  9. Arczision™

    Add It On Collab 2

    Download @PowerMCking You're next also if you have any problems with the folder or the download mention me immediately
  10. Arczision™

    Add It On Collab 2

    @TheLionwarrior The download link goes to my files on dropbox mind if you can fix it
  11. Arczision™

    Add It On Collab 2

    Whenever we finish adding we should mention the one next after us so that it won't be confusing like Okay then after you is me then.
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