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  1. Bluey

    Spear Combo Thingy

    Very Good! Try to exaggerate the movements a bit more, maybe make them move faster on there feet... im not good at the CC thing sorry.
  2. Sometimes, you gotta leave some things behind... I don't know...
  3. Hey! So again, im fooling around with lighting, i think i may have over-edited it, anyway, your input is much welcomed. What do you think lad's? sorry if a little bright, or maybe i'v been staring at a computer screen for too long
  4. Bluey

    Im Leaving The Forums

    No, he is, the most mature person on this site.
  5. Bluey

    Air Sword

    Now cool looking!
  6. What's on your mind?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. 9redwoods


      I'll never get a friend

    3. Skjold


      a skull? flesh? hair?

      idk i havent checked in a while

    4. ThatGuyBrian
  7. Bluey

    [Don't judge me] Simple fad 1 Characters Rig

    Holy warning. Not bad, it's simple, pretty cool
  8. Bluey

    [Wallpaper]Hiding in the dark

    There, picture's are up, sorry about that ^^"
  9. Bluey

    [Wallpaper]Hiding in the dark

    yea, how to I get it to show in the forum post though, isn't it enter?
  10. Hey, i made a wallpaper, for the first time in a long time. But this time i actually edited it, i think i did ok, what do you think? Sorry about the photos, how to i put imgur photos in again?
  11. Bluey

    ISG8 Submachine Gun

    Could use a little work, but other then that, its pretty good
  12. Seems like there's people fighting over criticism everyday now, also, what are good transitions for smooth movement.

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    2. ThatGuyBrian
    3. Bluey


      Ah, thanks, i'd upvote you guys if i had anymore left :)

    4. DuallyElemental


      Np lol

      i ran out too

  13. Bluey

    wings rig

    Does not fit with minecraft at all.
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