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  1. Halo Master Chief Wallpaper

    1. i find it hard to think that you were big "way back in the day", but hey i might be wrong 2. add some things in the backround thats its pretty good
  2. how about you give some Feedback then on how to improve, i dont know how much commenting on useless things such as the "title" will help the animator improve.
  3. yes i can see that, but its still cool
  4. but does that take away from the animation? i still think its smooth and great even if its made by a furry
  5. Another great meme from micropon3YT! And how do you get it that smooth? Are you a master of transitions? Tell me! (Keep it up!)
  6. I NEED A GOOD RIGGER!!!!!!!

    same since you did not say please anywere in that 10 paragraphs of text, i will not help you fine sir
  7. Gunfight test

    i just added onto the headshot test i made, im lazy af..... i was not focusing on the lighting as much as keyframes and transitions, so thats why the lighting sucks, tips are always welcome i see there is some clipping, kinda should have fixed that :/
  8. Dab Jean Pierre

    all he did was kill my brain cells further
  9. Dab Jean Pierre

    D- Death A- And B- Burden of this looming over me for the rest of my life
  10. Dab Jean Pierre

    D- Downvote A- And B- Bombard with atomic weapons (with the many dabing at once, i swear the world should have violently imploded)
  11. are there any animation teams open? most of the ones i joined died

  12. *inhale* ahhh..... a good meme
  13. Dancing Test :P

    Not bad I like it! the music though
  14. HeadShot test thingy

    ? I don't understand ;-; How so?
  15. Any thing I should improve on?
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