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  1. them ambiences thoezgif-5-3ab2f160b2.gif

  2. john62180

    Transdimensional Thing

    Actually it is part of a bigger project in that sort of style.
  3. john62180

    Transdimensional Thing

    588 Cylinders with this guy flying through them. Credits in description
  4. john62180

    R E A L I T Y - Concept 5 [TEASER]

  5. john62180

    Viber Studios

    Hello @Thericalviber, sorry for the somewhat late reply, but could I join as an animator?
  6. john62180

    Battle of The Village

    Thanks! I'll think about that next time
  7. john62180

    Battle of The Village

    Thanks! I'm glad you do!
  8. john62180

    Battle of The Village

    Thanks! I tried to make a accurate to life.
  9. john62180

    Battle of The Village

    Well it's a test.
  10. john62180

    Battle of The Village

    So umm yeah, there's that Credits in video description Thx for watching
  11. john62180

    1st Post

    Thanks so much ! Actually it is Mine Imator lmao, I just did some graphics on it to make it look a bit better, thanks, have a great day!
  12. john62180

    1st Post

    Thanks so much! I hope to post more later today!
  13. So, I made this account in 2016, but it took me until now to find out to edit and post xP, but yeah..



  14. john62180

    1st Post

    Thanks, I used sine for the arms body and head and linear for the legs and character bounce!
  15. john62180

    1st Post

    Thanks! I'll post more by tomorrow!
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