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  1. Gabe, you are an absolute legend.
  2. It'll all make sense with time.
  3. In case you missed it vvvvvvv


  4. FA DICE Presents: Steve Has A Gun 2 (a sequel to Steve Has A Gun) Additional info: Rigs made by @crustyjpeg. This wallpaper is a parody of @-StickyMations- animation "Steve Has A Gun" . It's a great animation and I totally suggest checking Sticky out. He's a cool dude. :3 FA is a real thing, and it is owned by the legendary dad @Rollo! It's a fun little server to hang out in and I get most of my inspiration from there! Come join us!
  5. What is this?


    stay tuned 

    1. Ghatos
    2. Foxtrot0806


      sadly it's not an animation, but just a parody poster ;; 

    3. Ghatos


      Damn no ;-;

  6. Brainstorm! Don't use overrated EDM/Dubstep for fight animations when there are music genres that are so much more fitting. Some examples are; Metal, Rock, Filmscore, Orchestral, Metalcore, etc. EDM doesn't fit the theme of conflict and battle in my opinion. Have a song I'd use for a fight animation. 


    1. Mineshaft Animation
    2. Ehsanium


      maybe i choose rock/metal, except its copyrighted, or i made it by myself

      also, do that nice metal song copyrighted?

  7. I'm alive again. What'd I miss? 

    1. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      Nothing much I suppose.

    2. Bluey


      Hey! I remember you! :D

  8. Likes "ROCK" if you mean the genre. It better be actual good rock and not Imagine Dragons crap. 

    1. crustyjpeg


      woagh dude you don't need to be so panicked over someone else's potential opinions

      yeah imagine dragons isn't technically rock but you don't need to smear your distaste to it on someone who just said they like "rock"

    2. Foxtrot0806


      I'm not panicked? xP

      I'm just saying I personally don't like Imagine Dragons newer stuff and it really is not rock. That's literally it. 
      You should know this since I've voiced the same opinion in FA and you agreed. You're the one who seems panicked about someone's opinion. 

    3. crustyjpeg


      I'm already aware you don't seem to be a fan of Imagine Dragons, and I don't really like it either.
      But that's beside the point, this is just some random person that says they like rock, and you seem to think that it's necessary to say "it better be actual good rock and not imagine dragons crap"
      That comes across to me as you somehow thinking it'd be bad for someone else's taste in music not lining up with yours.
      It's absolutely possible that you meant something other than "wow this band sucks, and you said you like a genre it isn't but is somtimes is considered to be. it's bad and you better not mean that when you talk about this genre"
      Not to mention that the other things in that section of his profile make it seem more like his definition of rock is "death metal", not "pop rock".
      Admittedly "panicked" was kinda the wrong word, but it just seems like as soon as you saw the word "rock" the first thing that came to your mind was "imagine dragons isn't rock and i need to tell everyone that it isn't rock and is crap".

      Of course I can't read minds, and the most I have is just how stuff you said came across to me.

  9. Dof is a bit too strong in my opinion. Also, the wall is totally small enough for her to climb over if she jumped and grabbed the ledge. xP
  10. *inhale* this is getting old, but...








    ...furry detected.

    1. SoldierGG1


      well... IDK... I mean I was one but i quited like 2 years ago

  11. Little thing from an upcoming wallpaper


  12. furry detected 

  13. or maybe he got the idea from the fact that cats sit in windows a lot
  14. Been messing with ways to do dialogue in a comics. xP 


  15. "They don't know what they are doing" ?
  16. So, like. 1.2.3 came out and I made this. Also contemplating making a comic based around the redhead dude. Leave your opinions on that idea in the replies if you want to see me fail at making a comic.
  17. So, what I recommend doing is doing the same thing and going to I believe data and copying the "settings" file to somewhere convenient (I.E: Desktop) as well as all your projects and reinstalling the program. Once it reinstalls replace your settings file that is in the new installation with the one from your desktop and move your projects to the project folder. Surely there's an easier fix, but this might help. Take it with a grain of salt though.
  18. Well, no offense, but the sentence was broken. xP Okay, so something I would suggest doing is finding the program directory and checking if your projects are completely deleted or just not showing up in the program.
  19. And you have not updated or reinstalled the program before this happened?
  20. Okay, I'm going to play captain obvious, but have you tried closing the program and relaunching it since this issue occurred?
  21. Did you download a newer version and/or reinstall the program? And is this the portable version or was it installed with the installer?
  22. So, really odd question, but would anyone be interested if I opened wallpaper commissions? (wallpapers you pay for, not requests)

    I'm looking for a way to make some money so I can finally start saving up to get a new computer. xP 

    Prices would be like... 5 USD. Idk just a shower thought.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Foxtrot0806


      I still think it's worth a shot. xP 

    3. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Well gl. I’ve tried it before and got nothing. Did it for free and got a lot.

    4. 9redwoods


      I dont have a paypal or anything or even a bank account im pretty sure. I'd like to see this thing come together though.

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