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  1. Some behind the scenes from my most recent render.

    Remember. Perspective is everything. ;) 

  2. Yeahh, I realized I posted this at basically midnight, so in case you missed it.


  3. There's a heavy load upon our backs, of things we carry from the past. Thanks to: @CoLahaust for their guitar rig, @Frost* for the campfire rig, @9redwoods for rendering it, and my amazing friends Joseph and @Hagus because they're just awesome.
  4. You guys are way too harsh on newer members, like yeeesh. And older members now too, apparently. You guys need to learn to be a little more nice towards one another, my goodness. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rollo


      This happens so many times and there are always people who call us out on it and yet we keep doing it

    3. Swift


      I don't think it's fair to call people out for speaking their mind, though it is possible to be a little more polite.

    4. Eliphaz


      Speaking your mind =/= being harsh. 

      I've been called quite a few mean and harsh things by people on here that don't even know me just because. People on here are just too quick to assume about everything and don't cut any slack for people who are new to the program.

  5. Why does Midoriya have a weapon if he literally becomes the worlds number one hero?
  6. And you always complain about not getting hugs?
  7. If you can shoot me I can glomp you bruh
  8. Oh my gosh it finally happened... I hit 1000 rep. 

    Although I still feel the same. I guess the God powers are just a myth. And there were no rainbows or thousand dollar bills, so I'm a bit disappointed. 


    But all jokes aside, thank you guys so much. I personally don't think I deserve 1000 rep for several reasons, but apparently you, the forums do and I appreciate it so much. Even if it's just little green arrows and numbers, it still shows that I did something right, and that... isn't really a feeling I get all too often, so thank you so, so much. <3

    I'll post something to celebrate sometime within the next few days maybe, and I am hoping to give back to you guys, so we'll see. 

  9. In case you miss it, I made probably my one of my best wallpapers from this year. This wallpaper is actually inspired by my greatest friend who I'm meeting up with at a hotel in January. We plan to explore the woods near the hotel which, the woods have a railroad close to them.
    Fun fact: it almost crashed my entire computer twice because of the railroad model. 


    1. Slime


      Your welcome for the 1000 rep.

    2. Eliphaz
  10. Do you think we'll always be this way? Railroad by @Ethaniel.
  11. soon.. 


    1. Ethaniel


      No I dont. F u

    2. anima cryses

      anima cryses


      we are not actualy friends.

    3. ThatRobloxerGamerYT


      i still don't know you that much

  12. I'm gonna be like Ethan real quick.

    How many of you nerds hate me and why?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. MojangYang


      I dislikED you


      I don't wanna mention it again. bad and embarrasing  memories.

    3. Eliphaz


      wait no do I wanna hear D= 

    4. MojangYang


      yeah so pretty much I complained about one of your downvotes and the second I did, I knew I messed up.

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