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  1. Getting tired of people trying to say what can and can't be commented on a post that isn't theirs. Like, cool? You wanna be a jerk about it, be my guest, but it's mean and sets a bad rep. People comment with random crap all the time and they get away with it, but when certain people do it's big bad oh no time. Stop being biased and just let it go, and let people be. Don't like people making comments about the title of the topic? Stop naming your topics. Don't like people criticizing you? Don't bother reading it. Don't like people defending other people? Stop fighting back. =P 

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    2. Eliphaz


      Sharing a song is neither bad nor worth being passive aggressive about. If someone is acting up or being really, really dumb, it's still a good idea to probably just ignore it unless it's about you. If they're being a jerk or breaking rules, don't be a minimod, just report it.

    3. Frost


      I agree with what you say, but again, I'm okay with Ethan's post.

    4. MineWallpaper


      "Stop naming"

      "Don't bother reading it"

      "Stop fighting back"

      Also known as, "ignore them"

  2. How about you stop being a punk about it man? He can comment with the song if he wants. The OP didn't have a complaint about it, it's a good song, it has the same name, it is technically relevant. The name isn't an irrelevant part of the post either, and it can be the most crucial. Stop playing keyboard warrior and just let people be. =P Going back on topic, I really enjoy this wallpaper. It's edgy, but it's different compared to most of the edgy stuff you see.
  3. The render is called Brain Damage and so is the song. =P
  4. Eliphaz


    When your shadows just don't exist.
  5. So, I planned on spending all day playing video games and doing nothing, but my college was having a dance so I went. A good friend of mine taught me how to slow dance, I hung out and got drunk on soda before getting super hyper and dancing like there was no tomorrow, and then I ended up flirting with this guy and he asked for my number, so today went pretty great. 👀 

    1. Ian_The_One


      good for you.

      but that's social interaction and i dont support it.

    2. KrisFirebolt


      That sounds like an exciting time! Hope that things go well for you, you should still stay careful about some things, but having fun is having fun. ^-^

  6. Yang might've dropped out, but he'll be back in the future 🤷‍♂️


    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Enjoy his random can of whip cream

    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Lol, he'll be running against Pence for sure. He won't win over Trump #2

  7. Because I poured all my love into him. Imaginatively Unimaginative has a lot of really good videos on youtube to help you with this. Neither have I. If you want, go ahead. =P
  8. I guess these are coming back, so ask me anything render related or about myself, within reason.
  9. You know what, why not. I hit a pretty big milestone last month in terms of loving myself more than I did. I don't usually post stuff like this because it's my problems and my mental issues, but I do struggle with being depressed, anxiety, and self hate. I managed to build up the courage to go meet my best friend in person, and when I did it changed my life. He helped me, in person, to love myself. So I started trying. I spent days browsing hairstyles and fashion trying to figure out what I liked, but failed repetitively, slowly spiraling down into disliking myself more for my looks, because I'll never be able to look nice.

    I shaved my face this afternoon for the first time in months, and so my friend said "Show me, I wanna see." So, I did. And he said "You look so much better." and that was the first time I received a compliment in months. It made me smile, and made me so happy to the point to where I almost cried. So, I took a better picture of myself because, surely I look better now. Honestly... I did. Appearance and looks is all a matter of personal opinion, but me being afraid of how other people see me blinded me and kept me from realizing that I don't think I'm ugly. Sure, I'm not perfect or flawless, but I'm me, and honestly. I like me. So here's me. 


    1. crustyjpeg


      that's a nice look you've got going there, i approve

  10. the bleedlight looks bad
  11. Yo so I'm losing my mind right now. I made this render back in december when I bought the ticket to go to Florida to meet my friend. Down_the_tracks_watermark.png

    My sister took this picture last friday of us when we met. 

    The outfits, the posing the everything. (the picture wasnt planned she just snapped it while we were walking)

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    2. Ethaniel


      You got gamer'd

    3. Frost


      Yo what the ****

    4. crustyjpeg


      oh damn, that's pretty cool

      also how was the trip?  i got the impression you had a good time from what you've said about it but i'm not too sure

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