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    I play the 'inferior version' of Minecraft. Deal with it.
  • Birthday 12/11/2002

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    On a molecule of dust, on a table, in my house.
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    I'm a huge Marvel and Star Wars fan, so when there is a new movie coming out, expect a lot of statuses about it.
    I also like video games, obviously. Some of my favorites are
    Forza Horizon 4
    and Control Seriously, amazing game, would definitely recommend.
    People getting along. - Oh. Well that's disappointing.
    President Trump - Yeah, get over it.
    Making something - I spend a lot of my time learning new skills I don't do anything with. Help me.

    People hating Bedrock - It exists. Get.Over.It.
    People talking about irrelevant things while I'm playing a game - That's not just me right?
    Those people at the theater during my second viewing who laughed when 2014 Thanos snapped in Endgame - I guess my first one was the one for the serious fans, such as myself
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    (Java) - DJVillager3

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  1. So this decade is less than a month away from coming to it's end.

    What was your favorite game of the decade?(Ones that released from 2010-2020, that you played)

    Mine is Portal 2. I'v played a ton of great games, but none have I enjoyed more than that game. Or rather, none of the others did I play 20 times. Talk like Yoda I must.

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