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  1. I just saw the e3 trailer for the new Avengers game. How do they justify calling it an Avengers game when none of them are in it?  Strange. No, sorry. Strange isn't in it. hm. Odd would be better. they do have some people who almost resemble the Avengers if you squint.

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    2. KaryuGraphics


      this isnt supposed to be the MCU avengers. this game has nothing to do with the MCU. which is why everyone looks different. comics fam

    3. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Well, it should. Also, the characters suits and things are obviously based off movies, not comics.

    4. KaryuGraphics


      I like the fact that it isn't the regular MCU cast. The suits are kind of based off the movies but you can even say the comic suits were changed after Avengers' success. You're argument is sort of like people not liking Spider-Man PS4 because it's not apart of the MCU and has a different actor is playing Peter. Doesn't make sense... But either way, new characters are getting added after release with different stories, so I think it's safe to say Stephen Strange has a chance of getting featured/added.

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