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  1. Why you're calling me a kid,lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Skjold


      Ah, damn it! You got me. Every year a different person takes over this account.



    3. KyodonZ


      I don't know why it's 2016,lol,btw I'm a baby,not a kid

    4. Skjold


      Yea but calling you baby just sounds wrong.

  2. Hello people,long time no see,how was things going on?

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    2. KyodonZ
    3. ziyadkhalq


      @KyodonZ What ? You dont remember me, i was in your animation team and i created a fight animatio between me and you which sucked so i deleted..

    4. MikTRF


      Uhh... This seems awkward.

  3. Are you 1 year old? Kids these days with their damn iPads and technology.

    Back in my day, we used to play with sticks to have fun!

    1. ThatGuyBrian


      when i was a young boy in my village, the communists would often come and take all the food from the farm
      the stores were always barren, we didn't have cars, but the priest was lucky enough to get a spare motorcycle back in world war 2. i remember we used to take stones and we would make them into little balls, we'd play games of bocce every weekend, but only if i wasn't making a day trip to the local well on my father's trusty donkey

    2. Awesome Emerald

      Awesome Emerald

      Back in my day, we could only eat twice a day. 

  4. KyodonZ

    Cow Rig (DBL) Blender Picture

    I would give +1 if you didn't put the legs like that...
  5. KyodonZ

    Megalodon WIP

  6. You can turn down the opacity of the water mark's layer to make it looks better
  7. KyodonZ

    Sword of Entroias

    Epic! But I think the sword is a bit fat
  8. KyodonZ

    Advanced ArmorStand

    Ok,no one did this,but he called it "advanced",what is the thing make this advanced? Really? "ADVANCED" He did this first doesn't mean this is good
  9. KyodonZ

    Advanced ArmorStand

    No,it isn't,just tell him the truth,don't lie
  10. KyodonZ

    Zuexs Rig Fingers Acting Funny...?

    Try to use @SKIBBZ's rig
  11. KyodonZ

    Donald Trump - Rig

    The only thing makes me like this is the 3D hair
  12. KyodonZ

    Going out [2K Wallpaper]

    Not much things is happening but this is good! +1
  13. KyodonZ

    Online Mine-imator

    Lol,if you put efforts in something,you are going to succeed. One day,one month,one year,or one decade,you still be able to succeed,but,that is something possible,and I don't think online MI is impossible
  14. KyodonZ

    Introduce yourself!

    If people don't tell you what to improve(criticize),you can't improve,you will think:Oh,people like it,so it is good,I don't have to put more effort into this
  15. Hard to see=none scenery,if you put something in a place for people to see,and it is too small(or something) that people can't see it,so why did you put it there?
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