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    my name is Party Plastic Steve btw
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  1. AmazingWolfGamer

    Lewis the Ghost, Mystery Skulls

    would you mind if i add facials to this beauty?
  2. AmazingWolfGamer

    Bread rigs

    where are the garlic bread
  3. AmazingWolfGamer

    Play of the Game Collab

  4. AmazingWolfGamer

    The 5 Nightmare Creatures (wallpapers)

    download when
  5. AmazingWolfGamer

    Skybox Model

    reason above and because if you use the default skybox it gets rid of the moon and sun which i do not like
  6. AmazingWolfGamer

    Skybox Model

    thank you!
  7. AmazingWolfGamer

    Skybox Model

    this uses surfaces because the textures are different from the Mine-imator cube map,
  8. AmazingWolfGamer

    Skybox Model

    i suggest you use textures 2k and up download //updated the model so its not discord light theme when you open it up
  9. AmazingWolfGamer

    Flex-Steve Model

    Mine-imator 1.1.0: To show you the power of Flex Steve, Mine-imator 1.1.0: I SAWED THIS MODEL IN HALF!
  10. AmazingWolfGamer

    Plank Golem Rig

    holy crap, this would be amazing if: more wood variety not stretched textures AND THATS ALL
  11. AmazingWolfGamer


    meteor misc: download
  12. AmazingWolfGamer

    Claw Rig

    its a model not a rig
  13. AmazingWolfGamer

    Thanos rig v2 by. Yanuar Mohendra

    release it already
  14. AmazingWolfGamer

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (Pre-release 3)

    Good. Good.
  15. AmazingWolfGamer

    Make Fortnite-Imator!

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