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    my name is Party Plastic Steve btw
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  1. AmazingWolfGamer

    Make Fortnite-Imator!

  2. AmazingWolfGamer

    Hozq's Improved Character Model

    This is the best face rig its even better than mine
  3. Kazotsky kick and Conga taunt presets?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Shane


      I don't know it if works with the current mine-imator version, but i made a kazotsky kick preset a while back: 


    3. mbanders
    4. AmazingWolfGamer


      imma just do orange justice and squat kick then

  4. AmazingWolfGamer

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

  5. AmazingWolfGamer

    FFPS rigs(fad)

    14 bears including lefty and Lefty is like a Funtime animatronic, Built to capture L.ure E.ncapsulate F.use T.ransport. & E.xtract
  6. AmazingWolfGamer

    __Mine__'s Yet Another Creeper Rig [1.1.4]

    w h a t
  7. AmazingWolfGamer

    Better Steve v3

    What have i done
  8. AmazingWolfGamer


    mom said its my turn on the xbox
  9. AmazingWolfGamer

    Iron Golem Modelbench

    you seriously need more upvotes
  10. AmazingWolfGamer

    Better Steve v3

    of course it is E - v16
  11. AmazingWolfGamer

    Hexical Brine's Facial Rig!

    so cool
  12. AmazingWolfGamer

    Bit Better Glow

    I use 3 on Glowstone or Lamps and 4 on Torches
  13. AmazingWolfGamer

    PPS Face Rig

    Thanks but I'm not your son.
  14. AmazingWolfGamer

    Import Worlds from Minecraft PE to Minecraft Java

    If you are using Minecraft PE(Bedrock Edition) Plug your phone into your PC using the body of a charger or any type of connectors. (Before you do this part, download PockeyInvEditor and then rename the world you want to transfer, as to avoid confusion) Open the phone. Go games > com.mojang > minecraftWorlds then select the world folder you want to convert Copy it to the Desktop then do what @Spontaneous Explosions said and you should be able to use it in Mine-imator
  15. AmazingWolfGamer

    PPS Face Rig

    You can't bloom in Mine-imator 1.1.3/1.1.4
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