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  1. hey guys i need a team with experience on animating and backup band and also some rappers with me and a friend of mine who also plays Minecraft, names really don't matter, but anyway my idea for a song/music video is going to be about people who hate Minecraft and who also make fun of kids who play. The genre is a fusion of rap, rock and a little bit of emo. All i need is a few rappers, someone who can scream, but the lyrics are going to explicit because it is calling to reality and to face it and walk away from all the bullies not towards them... find some better friends, not those buttholes that hurt others for their pleasure. I also need some animators and editors, producers for the music. My Minecraft User is: BCGyass2016 (Just for the skin and I'll send a skin just for my friend because he plays MC Xbox Edition) Thanks, BCGyass2016 and the DragonCraft Crew this is the skin you can use for my friend .
  2. Flying Satyr really means Fallen Angel and Cosmetic American is an American made cyborg.
  3. how about this you make a new series and i'll animate it. okay? with me and you in it anyway. then we will add people thru competition of wallpapers & art. okay? and i will add you to my band of random ppl except for myself(you will be my 2nd singer). how's that? when you accept can you give me yo IGN so i can use yo skin plz? And the Art has to at least include one of us okay? and btw the name of the band is Butcherman ∞00 [Butcherman 800]
  4. yo that shit is funny!! i want to be in!! PLEEEAAASSS!!
  5. BCUSA


    no this didn't come from Roblox
  6. BCUSA


    Here's a rig I created: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mmtune7jdqwwb20/Muscles+Rig.object My first rig just for you to know
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