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  • Interests hey everyone My Names Tyree and I am New to animating Ive don Some before before but so now I feel I'm better at it

    A Little info about me

    I'm 16

    I'm Puerto Rican and Indian

    I love Anime,Making friends,And Soccer!!

    I do youtube videos about Minecarft and other games so if you Read this please make Sure to check out My channel TeamSkyftw https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvRct0b-c_0335hAnzynV4Q

    I'm sorry about my misspells

    And Sorry about how my voice sounds on video I have No! Idea why it sounds like that maybe its my mic

    But I don't sound like that off camera

    Thanks for Reading this I hope you enjoy my content And I hope you guys can get to Know Me Better

    ps I'm working on a new project This was supposed to go in about me how ever something happened
  • Minecraft username kingmomb
  1. kneeling

    I understand the hate
  2. Minecraft Shorts

    @BBruce7815 ok Thanks
  3. Minecraft Shorts

    when did I say snip?
  4. Minecraft Shorts

    @LucianAnimations Sorry I tend to forget the makers name ill credit
  5. Minecraft Shorts

    1 dude its a random test Animation plus I'm not a good animator 2 watermark its not a serious animation so I don't really care about that 3 their expressions do change just not every second 4 dantdm don't get it 5 intro whats wrong with it 6 outro its a template 7 -dan does hit -explosion hits - Arrow hits Nothing Misses 8 when don't they sync 9 I forgot their name do you know it
  6. The Minecraft Movie

    discontinuing This I'm doing Shorts Now
  7. Minecraft Shorts

    Alright So if you were on Mine-imator fourms recently Then you know About The Minecraft Movie flunk So instead I decided to do random test animations called shorts just for fun most of them will have no meaning like this one The Minecraft Movie is(discontinued) youtube link for the Shorts: Oops I posted on the wrong fourms didn't I
  8. The Minecraft Movie

    Mods -Animated player (Not Needed) -Mo bends (Not Needed) -Back tools (Not Needed) -Arourers Workshop(Needed) -Custom Npcs(Needed) -dynamic Sword Skills(Needed) -far lands (Not Needed) -fragile Glass (Fun But Not Needed) -Hungry zombies (Needed) -malisisdoors (Needed) -Mob Amputation(Needed) -Mob dismemberment(Needed) -Mutant creatures (Needed) -No shelters (Needed) -ragdoll corpse (Not Needed But Funny) -Sit Mod (Not Needed usful) -Souls (Needed) -Morbid harvester (Needed) -Thirst mod (Needed) -Tomahawk (Needed) -Too many items (Needed for peaceful builders & pvp) -Vampirism (Needed) -Zombie Awareness (Needed) Oh yea And Mca mod (Needed)
  9. The Minecraft Movie

    Alright So I just wanna Ask who here has Minecraft pc That can handle Mods cause My friend is going to Make a Modded Sever for hardcore survival
  10. The Minecraft Movie

    Whoops Sorry bout That I'll in private it Soon I just realized it was bad Caeden117 bought it to my attention don't worry we spoke and he's a nice guy un private
  11. The Minecraft Movie

    Thank you Caeden117 you saved me from a horrible mistake next time ill put in more effort but 1) I don't know how to make music 2) Jesse helps what wrong with that 3) I'm Not skibbz 4) ive seen people upload WAY WORST THINGS 5) Ill just use a different editor
  12. The Minecraft Movie

    but ouch you don't have to be so rude
  13. The Minecraft Movie

    Sorry about that I'm the only one on animation i'll improve more before animating it
  14. So I was On youtube and Seen I haven't uploaded I decided to Animate something at first it was going to be a short but then I heard people including me were upset about Steve,Alex & so on not being in Mcsm So I decided to make a movie I though later I found out by Anthony/BigBstAts I Think That there will be An official Movie in 2019 but I'm still going to make it for fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4bTQzzqk10 hope you stick around for full Movie I have to start this movie from scratch so it will take a while
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