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  1. lol looking back at this compared to my chair rig is so cringeworthy
  2. Nice! I'm hoping this will be a feature in Mine-Imator Community Edition.
  3. Yes, Slightly stretched. Will be fixed in a sooner update
  4. Hi! Today I have for you a chair rig! Now with Oak, Birch, Spruce, Dark Oak, and Acacia chairs! I know you and your 'No Pics No Clicks.' Now here are some pics. Jungle Chairs are coming soon! DOWNLOAD
  5. Looks great so far! Keep up the good work
  6. SlickTheFox

    Leaves Rig

    Looks good Maybe you could make a Llama rig? I really need one right now.
  7. How did you get Llamas into mineimator? I can't figure out how to get them in,
  8. Hey, i finished your skin rig a while back just to let you know. i put it in your topic in requests.

  9. No, he/she does not. It can be killed in any way Yes, you may You can do anything with the cursor, as long at it kills the player. What do you mean? I meant he WAS happy until the cursor picked him up and carried him into the lava.
  10. Today, I am hosting a Drag and Drop collab. Rules: 1. Must be 100% Kid friendly (No blood, No bad words, No dirty jokes, etc.) 2. Must be at least 5 seconds long, and max of 1 min long 3. Must use your watermark (Please, Don't ask me to edit it in. I can't edit vids very well.) 4. Have Fun ----------------------------------------------------------- How to do it: You must make your character being happy, then a mouse cursor come along and grab your character, and drop it in lava. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Please, submit your entries by PMing me with a mediafire download link. (Or Dropbox) Thank you Example coming soon... Expect it to be right here.
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