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  1. Autumn [wallpaper]

    maybe a bit brighter You could've dropped the dof back to the stairs or just drag it back to see what looks good.
  2. Geometry finds a wild Lucian

    I love that rig.
  3. Laptop Rig

  4. Young Adventurers | 2K Vibrant Wallpaper

    I like the de saturated look of the Un edited one
  5. [Simple] Plastic Wallpaper

    spread them out
  6. Christmas rig wallpaper test

    1. you could for example put a tiny little amount of effort into gettting some snow and going into library then pressing repeat and repeat it until it spreads out. 2. fix the alpha glitch on the snow falling also add some more prob's all about
  7. My first wallpaper/art

    its above average first wallpapers and your age doesnt matter on the quality of the wallpaper
  8. A Little Girl's Guardian

    did it remove the folder or can you still get the backups?

    Umm okay?
  10. Fighting for cake

    I would up vote but... Cool
  11. Oven Rig

    a lot of ovens are like that but it would be easier to animate turning them if they were under it
  12. Lost in the Woods

    OooOooO SpOoOOkY I got lost in the woods so I took a pic (not really) k Here it is Dont mind the bad editing Un-edited K thanks bye.
  13. Minecraft in a Nutshell (Mine-imator edition)

  14. Backround Rig

    More of a texture than a rig
  15. Sitting |2K Cinematic Render

    This is great
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