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  1. TheLionwarrior

    The Agency Images - Agent Gray vs Demi

    put more of... expression? I guess into the faces they look kinda dull
  2. TheLionwarrior


    I would turn affected by wind on for the explosion and add scenery and I wouldnt use the preset run cycle
  3. TheLionwarrior

    Smooth Arrow shot Test

    this threw me off for some reason. also that smile... that darn smile. Yeah its smooth
  4. TheLionwarrior

    Christmas tree rig by Alexey Uspensky

    yeah I can see that
  5. TheLionwarrior

    Some sort of MGB I Teaser I guess

    Take some time to read this thank you
  6. TheLionwarrior

    Some sort of MGB I Teaser I guess

    I mean got any Criticism apart from the spinny camera Ill try to do that less and as I stated Im mainly doing this to improve my animation skills and It was a failed project before so I decided i'll remake it I was making one of these before I even knew what R E A L I T Y was.
  7. TheLionwarrior

    Some sort of MGB I Teaser I guess

    did you read that part? also im planning on adding scenery but was just working on animation i'll add some scenery in the next update its a (secret) present for someone I do have other 'skits' on my channel just trying to make a longer animation and such since im bad at fight animations
  8. TheLionwarrior

    I can use shader?

  9. TheLionwarrior

    " Bedroom " [ Cinematic ] [ 4K ]

    That chair is rather.. Short
  10. No this is not a R E A L I T Y Rip off not all mgb's are reality rip offs okay? Music By: @Tysteria Rigs by @Gam3rZLoung3, @OfficialCUYT and Myself Made with: Mine-imator CB (Because the darn scythe rig breaks whenever I transfer it into the newer / older versions) this had been made over a very short time I must say so I would appreciate it if you give criticism on what to fix and what not. (Excuse the old rig of that one guy with that one letter on his chest ) Anyways Hope you enjoy? I guess. *Thumbnail is just a random image I had on my Laptop*
  11. TheLionwarrior


    issa vampire
  12. TheLionwarrior

    Full Fist Rig [Fingers and Facial Rig]

    still not the first person to make a rig that makes a whole fist but it still looks weird with that little block staying there +1 anyways
  13. TheLionwarrior

    Steamed Hams but it's a Minecraft animation

    Good Rigger + Good Animator Ohh Jeez what are you? Skibbz?
  14. TheLionwarrior

    Intro SYNC Test

    its uhh... Interesting dont use emoji's in intros and it well theres just so many things that are pretty bad with this
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