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  1. Whenever I'm trying to import some scenery from a world in my minecraft save, It says, "Could not write to file. Check that it's not used by another process." And not letting me import from any of my worlds. I'm able to pull scenery from the Mine Imator files, but can't import anything from my world. HELP ME. Also this just started today without playing Minecraft.
  2. O jeez,don't mind the part at the end!it'll be fixed in future versions
  3. Best Superherooooo! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6qIO8np8zbGPINbImocGJw
  4. Thanks for the feedback Phoenix! i'm glad you enjoyed the movements and style,scenery wasn't there because of it being a test and not so much focus on the Scenery,if i do put in scenery it will be during a fight,going slow is something i can do. I've created my second Intro,any feedback is appreciated.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6qIO8np8zbGPINbImocGJw (Not a youtube channel into)
  6. Lets fight 2:00 our grandma's house.

    1. ShadowZero


      I uh.....

      I mean its 6:05.....

    2. Quickstreak
  7. Ok cool,thx for the suggestion,the reason venom hasn't done anything is because i just wanted to work on spider-man atm.
  8. not all the movements are linear,but the ones that are really don't show as much anyway,and i know that the camera needs to be fixed an i'm gonna get it done once i begin working on it again.
  9. Ok cool,i'll try to fix the camera and i'll go back and try to fix the look of the fighting,thx for suggestion.
  10. I thought about sharing this with you guys on the forums to show you that i still animate and i'm working on this animation at the moment.
  11. thx for the suggestion,i'll get working on it.
  12. Give me some suggestions on what to do with this.
  13. What do you guys think? is this a good Original Charcter to start with?im planning to make more if this is good. You can see him in more animations if you like this.
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