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  1. Dude please learn english,i can't understand the things you say. Have you tried reinstalling it? Maybe if you downloaded it by installer and it won't work,use the .rar download and vice versa.
  2. Hey guys, i'm asking for help because an issue i found in the last version of Mine-Imator. I downloaded some rigs,but when i try to import the .object file it says: "This file was made using a newer version of Mine-imator. Update the program to import it." but i've got the last version of Mine-Imator. Can you help me? Thanks.
  3. Magmagma

    Crafting Dead Shotgun

    It's just... f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!
  4. Magmagma

    "Realistic" Zombie Rig

    It's so creepy Good job
  5. Magmagma

    White Door Rig

  6. Guys stop saying "Stretched textures". The most important thing is if it's good,not if it has got streched textures.
  7. Woah m8 can we give credits to you in every animations we make with diz rig?
  8. Magmagma

    Robot rig

    Please,add pics.
  9. Magmagma

    Rig Simples

    Please,at least say what is it! Don't say "new rig"! No one will know what's that!
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