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  1. Oh hey it’s the 21st night of September.

    1. 9redwoods


      What happened then?

  2. Swift

    Skin Requests for Group Wallpaper

    Sure. Looking forward to seeing the end result, hopefully you put effort into this instead of just making one for likes. Goodluck!
  3. Swift

    Car Crash Collab

    They can use cursive if they want, I mean, we sort of have it for a reason. @9redwoods what’s with the dislike dude?
  4. Swift

    JB Animations 2nd Channel Banner ART (2k)

    You can’t see the text.
  5. Thanks @KaryuGraphics for the profile!

    1. KaryuGraphics


      you're welcome

  6. I'm gonna quickly rant about Minecraft's newish structures and mobs and items and stuff.

    The ocean structures are dumb, they almost always hold a treasure map and there basically the same one each time.

    Also, whats even the point of even going to another treasure location after you get the heart of the sea? It's a huge pain to dig out a ton of land to hopefully get a heart of the sea, it's also a huge pain because sometimes it spawns underwater, and you have to head to the surface every few seconds, plus the rewards are hardly ever worth it, and most of the time the treasure isn't even on the X.

     It's a bit more fun with a friend, but still it gets repetitive doing the same thing, search the ocean for a few minutes, find a map, dig up a ton of land, no heart of the sea? Repeat. Plus all these new mobs just get in the way well doing so, the drowns are really easy to kill, so they just become annoying if when you're searching for treasure. 

    Talking about the drowned, they shouldn't just drop a trident, I didn't even have iron armour by the time I had a chest full of tridents. Maybe there could be an underwater boss that drops the trident? Or maybe it could be in the ocean monument? It's just really lame how easy it is to get a "end game item". It's really annoying you can get a trident in the first few minutes of a new world.

    They have a pretty big development team, so why do they waste them on making a thousand variations of a tropical fish that you probably won't ever see? I think Minecraft could use some better features, rather then adding useless polar bears, and blue ice. It upsets me that they have such huge opportunities for the game, but they waste it all on adding useless features.

    Also, I really hope they don't add a ton of useless mobs in the new biome vote thing. I really don't understand why we need new content to those biomes either, why not work on villagers, and make them not stupid defenceless creatures, allow them to build castles or something, make them fight back and not just get destroyed when a player spawns in the world. It's embracing when one person can make mods faster and better then minecrafts whole team can make an official feature.

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    2. BaconSandwich


      @Swift but still, it's such a low drop rate

    3. Swift


      @BaconSandwich On bedrock it must be higher, or I’m super lucky. I do live in an ocean biome though.

    4. BaconSandwich



      yeh everyone I've ever watched play 1.13 did it on Java (the Hermitcraft SMP, The Deep End SMP, etc.) It must be higher on Bedrock.

  7. Swift

    Banbury - A Silent Place (4K Cinematic)

    It’s in wallpapers and art, plus on the forums we usually call it wallpapers not renders. I don’t really get how it not being a mansion matters. It being a render doesn’t really mean anything, you could still put in some effort to make it less boring. The depth of field being low is pretty annoying, it takes away any depth in the wallpaper. I’m pretty sure Karyu just upvoted it, because he agreed with some of my points. Making stupid assumptions is pretty low of you to be honest.
  8. Swift

    Banbury - A Silent Place (4K Cinematic)

    The overall wallpaper is decent, but it gets boring really fast. For every wallpaper there needs to be an overall focus, this doesn’t really have any main focus, if the mansion was the main focus you should have used rule of thirds or something similar. There’s not much to look at, just a mansion and a train. You have so much room for anything here, you could have at least added someone, the parrot is barley noticeable, and there’s absolutely nothing going on. The depth of field is hardly noticeable, and the Iights from the windows look very bad, it seems like it was the end of the schematic and you just added some random random yellow bright cubes, you could have added basically anything behind the windows. Overall I rate 4/10, gets very boring to look at very fast, and there’s absolutely nothing going on, it’s very boring. The lighting is pretty good though, sorry I was probably pretty nagitive throughout this whole thing, but tbh you seem like you can take it.
  9. Sorry for the inactivity, I woke up last night having a seizure.

    It lasted about 3 or 5 minutes.

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    2. Swift


      Yeah I’m fine, sorry forgot to mention that in the status.

    3. DuallyElemental


      Quick question: Do you have epilepsy? Just curious, because my neighbor had it too.

    4. Swift
  10. I’m pretty sure nimi said this would not be a feature, seeing as modelbench was originally made to help David make his minecraft models for Mine Imator, there was no need to add any other shape then squares. This was asked again later after the release of modelbench, and I’m pretty sure nimi said no.
  11. Swift

    The Nether

    Those rigs are pretty darn impressive!
  12. This is all very strange.
  13. Swift

    Minecraft Story Mode: Jesse Rig

    Um, I don't think so
  14. Swift

    Group Call

    Ay cool wallpaper dude
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