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  1. Happy 10th birthday to Notch!

  2. YouTube randomly subscribed me to a bunch of hypixel channels, I haven’t even played or watched hypixel for months.

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      to google:

      hacker spyman

  3. I’d say go for it, but it’s up to you.
  4. The story, visuals, and animation is very impressive, well done!
  5. How is this an animation?


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    2. jakubg1


      Monster School * 2016 = Noob vs Pro (vs God and/or vs Hacker) * 2019

    3. Keep on Chucking

      Keep on Chucking

      More unrelated tags and words = more hits

      It's a lazy tactic put onto already lazy videos to reach a bigger audience.

    4. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      everyone is putting "ANIMATION CHALLENGE" in their cringy minecraft videos. i wish we were still in 2009 where people were like "Oh, there's this cool block building sandbox game called Minecraft" and like they would make videos of their moments with like water floods and stuff but now everyone is like "MINECRAFT BOTTLE FLIP MONSTER SCHOOL GRANNY BALDI MOMO ANIMATION CHALLENGE". this is an example of what i'm talking about. this was a good series until it became just a copy and pasted video thing with "animation CHALLENGE" in the titles for no reason



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    2. Swift


      That's not very nice

    3. Ethanial


      But it scares me Swift

    4. Yoshifan33


      my animations in a nutshell

  7. Oh cool


    1. Yoshifan33
    2. jakubg1


      You have now över 1337 :)

  8. Hello Recently I saw @Dr. Nexil's huge schematic render, and wanted to try it out myself. Credit to him for the idea. Day Night Foggy Night
  9. Nice job have a reaction Also you should try using the new textures, they would make this better I think.
  10. Recently I lost all my Minecraft Java worlds, including the unfinished schematic for my next animation. I've been trying everything I can to get it back, so I can get a new animation out as soon as possible.

    I'm incredibly sorry to anybody who was hoping to see an animation from me anytime soon. I'll try my best to recreate it, but it may take a while.

  11. Fallen Order looks good, I wish they showed some gameplay though.

    1. Hagus


      Honestly I hope it offers a lot of different gameplay. Not just running and gunning, but more things involved.

  12. fqR2nHI.jpg

    Never saw this before. at the bottom of the home page you can change to a different theme.

    1. BaconSandwich



    2. Ghatos


      the old theme looks like the new theme but it haven't fully loaded the page

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