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  1. I thought it was a joke, but they really are adding bees in 1.15.

    1. Ghatos


      Have you ever dreamed to eat honey in Minecraft? well now you will be able to that!

    2. Yoshifan33


      Guys, fr, I was walking around today, and said,

      "You know what would be cool? If they added bees/honey to Minecraft."

      Then I found out.

  2. Would you?

    1. crustyjpeg


      Should you?

    2. Twotorule
    3. Keep on Chucking

      Keep on Chucking

      You wouldn't download a house.


  3. It would appear so

  4. Looks real nice, the particles are a really good addition. The only thing I could see improved, is if you added a tiny bit of glow around the pickaxe metal bit, to give the illusion light is bouncing off of it.
  5. I've been practicing blender a lot lately, I'll give you fellas some animation test dump in a couple of days.

    1. Yoshifan33


      thank god the old picture is gone

  6. is it?

    1. Ghatos
    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      Well I don't, but actually know.

  7. Happy Canada day! 

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      I live in canada but i never knew this "canada day" even existed

  8. y'all need jesusSteve.thumb.jpg.61b191889c5541792f325ebf

  9. good sir, what the hell is that pfp?

    1. Swift


      its minecraft steve

  10. Mine-Imator for VR when

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      Bro i might be dizzy when experiencing Reality concept 7 with the epic fighting scenes of the characters spinning around so much so yes upvottt

  11. Swift

    Boobs Rig

    humanity has peaked
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