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  1. Attention fellow Mine-imatorers.......after careful consideration I have decided that I am officially leaving the Mine-imator forums....... 😭 The fact that my previous status update got zero upvotes or comments has opened my eyes to the truth......... 😖 For the past few years I have been an active member in this community, but today is the day I leave it all behind...... 😟 Thank you, Mine-imatorers, and remember me........... ✌️

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      @Dannyboi Yeah, it's a joke satirizing the ridiculous nature of these forums. (I haven't been active here in a long time lol) I figured the exaggerated emojis would give it away, but judging by some of these replies I didn't really make it clear enough I guess, lol.

      And thanks for that message my dude! I'm in no way done with Land. Once I find a way to use it on my Mac you can bet I'm gonna continue that series. It's my child, I shan't abandon it.

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