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  1. Wow 10 years of Minecraft.

    It feel like yesterday, but happy 10th anniversary to this game that i still play and use. :D

    Honestly i'm glad i never growned up with Mr. Fortshite overthere. Never less i'm glad to be a part of the MC comunity.

  2. Rip them from the game or look in the internet....
  3. Is it just me or the 1.2.3 shadows got bugged out a bit?

    (IDK i noticed that the shadows are bit weird after testing it a second time. Nah it's probably me...)

  4. *Me after testing the 1.2.3* Wow that's a nice touch.....
  5. So i'm anonymous since when was that a thing?

    (I didn't know about this. But if i'm right when i post this. i should be back online)

  6. 31222cd0e95cd5f5673109c9ffc06b8d.png


    Wow i still forget that this MB glich bug still gives me a headache. (Since MB is super old i understand but still)

    And yes it's still hurts.....



    EDIT: Especialy when i'm making something like this!!!!

  7. Probably sometime after. Cause i wasn't expecting it (1.14) to come early.
  8. Quote

    "guy made with the MS paint square tool"


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jake_28


      yeah did you see the santa someone made in it

    3. Cubic Ralsei
    4. Lock_downmc213


      It's okay i was expecting it. XD

  9. So my editing on rain looks crap. Right? Okay I'm not satisfied with rain at all...
  10. Your welcome. I really want Mojang to collaborate with Capcom to make a mash-up pack on RE series for Minecraft. It would be awesome! (In my opinion)
  11. Hello! i'm super tired, but here's a recreation render of RE:2 remake Poster in MC Style. This took me for about day in a half to make (And finished it right know) Please be nice about this. It was a headache to make this accurate as possible: Credits: (Cuz it's very important give credits to Capcom) Capcom Co., Ltd. - Characters and the series. Me - Most the work on this poster (From skin making to editing and stuff)
  12. About that last one: (sorry for being ranty) 2.1. Floss dance never originated from Fortshite in the first place. (And you know that right?) 2.2. I agree it's a really hated dance in Fortshite.
  13. Hello community! I'm currently experimenting with noses right know on my models and i was wondering which nose do you guys prefer? Is it:

    A: Basic Normal Nose



    B: Bootstrap Buckaroo Styled nose (Work in progress version)



     Lemme know in the comments cause i need to know.

  14. Hello again. This poster was made as production teaser for my Deviant Art page. But i wanna actually try to post it here. (I'll expect some criticism for this) Note: I don't want to promote on this post or anywhere. But if you want to follow this series. In my signature there will be a link to the series from Illustrations to completed Chapter Scripts and so on as i work on.
  15. Animation Software's such as Mine-Imator aren't age rated anything, cause it's not a video game. So there's no age requirement for animation softwares like MI.
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