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  1. Lock_downmc213

    A Lucky Block Render (Literally)

    Well thank you. sure lol.
  2. Lock_downmc213

    A Lucky Block Render (Literally)

    A render about a Lucky Block cause why not. (SRSLY)
  3. Lock_downmc213

    Annoying Bending Issue

    Hi and i have a bit of a issue found (I hope i'm not the one who saw this) But i have a bug or an issue that's goddamn annoying me for the last 5 day's. So it has to do with Custom bending Offset and the bending size. If i put -4 for the offset and for 2 or 3 for the Bending size and save it and reopen it they literary change like 4.56 or 2.34 or something This issue is so goddamn annoying and make's it a lot harder to work on small texture blocks like body's and stuff. But this annoyed me a lot more when i modeling a mermaid character. I hope this will be gone in next Update cause i can't take it anymore and if it stays i swear a god..........I'll lose it! Sorry about that i'm too pissed off about this issue.

     10 List about ME:

    1.I get angry for no reason.

    2. I suck at multilayer games.

    3. I hate Fortnite Clickbait shite.

    4. I swear a lot.

    5. I'm make mature and imature Characters cause screw Family friendly Content. (Specifically Female Characters) 

    6.I Play UNO.

    7.I laugh at Messed Up jokes and Fails and Bad Jokes.

    8. I'm a rejected version of Jesse from MCSM.

    9.Weird Anime Obsession (Which i wont talk about)

    10. I do everything on a Laptop instead.



    I'm done 

    This is ******* dumb......

    I'm leaving.....

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      Why. The. Frick. Did. I. Just. Waste. 30. Seconds. Of. My. Life. On. A. Weeb.

    4. Awesome Emerald
  5. Lock_downmc213

    A Basic Laptop Model Wallpaper Thing...

    Well there's a A "green screen" In the model. But i didn't included cause i wanted to be a BASIC Wallpaper thing. Not a JOKE. And other thing is did not Post this for "a wallpaper of a laptop on it". That wasn't in my mindset during the making of this. (I can do them for Stupid reasons and this wasn't one of them.) Okay! Okay! I get that you joked about it. Jezz. Okay. Aside from that thanks for the criticism!
  6. I was super bored and then i did this. The Laptop Model was made by me on MB. (For reasons) K Bye.
  7. Lock_downmc213

    Weird Blocky Bending bug for the 1.2 Pre-release

    I already posted on discord so go ahead.
  8. Lock_downmc213

    Weird Blocky Bending bug for the 1.2 Pre-release

    Damm it.... F**king imgur.
  9. Lock_downmc213

    Weird Blocky Bending bug for the 1.2 Pre-release

    What? It's fine on mine. hold on....
  10. Hello so the pre-release of 1.2 is out YAY and so far it's great.....BUT I found a bit of a problem with the new Blocky Bending. And this Bug happened when i was importing some custom models from MB. To put it simply the Blocky Bending doesn't really corporate with the Cube that i added. (It's my thing don't make fun of me). Not only that the Pinch effect works fine, but on the blocky - Nope. So i wanna know if Nimi will respond or some one like Voxy or David. Are you guys gonna update ModelBench with the new Blocky bend so i could at least up date it? or fix this isue with out the MB Update? I really need to know about this. (I'll discuss more if this won't make sense) Update: i'll post a message with the gif to Nimi on Discord Soon. (I have to wait 10 minutes SOOON)
  11. Lock_downmc213

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    I mean.......Yeah but aren't blender bending kinda the same (Except the way the bend)' Look i don't use Blender at all. (I have but i don't use it i only use MI AND SFM)
  12. Lock_downmc213

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    I think it would require IK rigging cause from my perspective every MC Character rig on Blender (Not all) are rigged with IK. But that's not gonna happen cause Nimi said something about IK Rigging for MI idk which one. (Correct me if i'm wrong) But Blocky bending is coming back it's "almost" identical to "blender bending".
  13. Lock_downmc213

    Hazardous Environment (HEV) Suit Rig

    Hah! XD
  14. Lock_downmc213

    d e s p a c i t o

    I hate to be "that" guy who doesn't even like that song but i'll give you an upvote for the joke that you did and that thing.
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