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  1. Lock_downmc213

    The Smart Ender Man (A stupid Original MC render)

    I made using custom 64x64 Texture sheet were the Items were rigged and the edited Body texture where i use as template for the rigging.
  2. Dialogue: Steve: Aw sh*t! It's the Enderman....I better put this pumpkin mask on quick!*suddenly Enderman teleports in front of him.*Enderman: Do you really think that stupid disguise will work against me!!!! No i'm not an idiot like the others and know you should run know.......Steve: Oh f***. *Runs*-The Smart Enderman. This is f**king dumb. XD
  3. Lock_downmc213

    SFR V.5 Facial Rig (MI 1.1.4)

    They're optional.
  4. Lock_downmc213

    Toon Boris and Toon Bendy

    Aww that's super cute. Love it!
  5. I had some hard time to make this mainly i wasn't gonna do it at all...... But here is Ruby Rose in time-skip outfit *FOR REAL* (I think i did something like this last 2 years or 3,4...idk and it was shit cause i wasn't good at working with MI and i had no clue about RWBY back then...) Also "Skeletons Were Here" was random to add in but i think it was just funny. (Even tho i have dark humor and weird humor) Anyway Tell me what you think..... And i might be more positive. EDIT: I forgot to mention that i put a signature. (for obvious reasons)
  6. Holly Bananas ModelBench is to complex for me (I'm joking)

    But actually it was my first time to make a model and ohhhh the bend on some parts f**ked me up while doing it.

    I'm fine with Rigging In MI but Modeling in MB .......BOI!!!!

    But i'm done.......


  7. Lock_downmc213

    Bendy Minecraft Rig (My Version)

    Do you're self a favor and blindly play the game......It's something that will change on how you look at the old school cartoons and it's in 5 chapters *no Spoilers*
  8. Lock_downmc213

    2 Casual Servant Girls (From Fate Extra/Extella Series)

    This should be a thing that would remind people who don't like Furies and confuses them with Not a Furries.
  9. Lock_downmc213

    2 Casual Servant Girls (From Fate Extra/Extella Series)

    Sorry. My anger with this "Community" Is going to the limit of "I GIVE UP POSTING STUFF HERE" Not a joke but sorry tho.
  10. Lock_downmc213

    2 Casual Servant Girls (From Fate Extra/Extella Series)

    And i though that F.N.A.F hate in this community was worse. WHY THE **** NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm back i have been working my A** Off doing some modeling/Rigging the models before know. (I Dont Give sh*t on what i say) Here is 2 pictures of the work i did: (ALSO THIS WILL GIVE YOU SPOILERS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE FATE SERIES) (And Yes it's ANIME/Game) Also for those who don't give a sh*t about spoilers and wanna know about these characters or at least their names ( i would recommend you to check out the series blindly or watch it) Fox Girl - Tamano No Mae Blondie - Nero Claudius (Her name is longer) 2 Casuals: 2 Servents: Criticism is appreciated so lemme know how good is this. WARNING: The Hate comments on this are not allowed so Dont go hay wire on me.
  12. Lock_downmc213

    New Bendy! CB

    As a BATIM Fan i love this rig.
  13. Lock_downmc213

    The Nomad Render (From Nomad Of Nowhere)

    I figured you would say this yes it doesn't make me an expert. But the sentence was stupid cause i suck at every thing.(INSULT TO MY SELF) You wish.
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