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  1. Yeah it's a pretty old map lol
  2. I see your points. My camera animation was done with six folders, all overlapping random values. I'll pay more attention to what I'm doing next time. Thank you.
  3. A joke you stated to be ridiculous.
  4. I ran out of upvotes, And I meant besides the squished images.
  5. Ian was making a joke, and sometimes it funnier when it has bad grammar. But the wallpaper besides the rest looks good.
  6. Isn't that what @Ian_The_One just said on your 'Ender' wallpaper?
  7. Boi, what posing are you talking about m8; there aren't any characters And the glowstone was part of the schematic, it doesn't really effect the scene. And otherwise, it's not costing like, electricity or something. I'm guessing the builder thought it looked cool. And anyways, you wouldn't see the light from the glowstone because it's the middle of the day. That's why we can't see stars during the day, boi. Thanks tho lol
  8. So yeah, @KrisFirebolt wanted to see the rest of the map. Here it is lmao. This isn't really official or anything, I just rendered the city at an angle lol
  9. All of those would be good improvements.
  10. The two images are squished...and I have no idea what's going on. But posing looks pretty good.
  11. I'm not sure how practical these are supposed to be, but it's could use some work. And your video length is insane.
  12. Eh, must be my screen brightness, but it is pretty contrasted.
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