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  1. 13 And her TARDIS

    I think it looks great! Granted, it could have used a backgroud
  2. I know lol sorry Thanks so much! I updates the pack, and included a little secret...
  3. Here is a rig pack of cuboid sonic screwdrivers from the 2nd Doctor all the way to the 12th! Words can not express how happy I am! All inspired by @Skjold Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ngz112p4hln9uc6/Cuboid_Sonic_Screwdrivers.zip
  4. Ayy I have something for you all. Which version of the sonic do you like the most? Comment on both this post and the video! I happen to prefer the right (Cubiod) now that I have had it for a while. The 11th Doctor's sonic is my favorite out of all the sonics. I love everything about it. Mostly the composition of said screwdriver. The copper, alluminium, and the hand-stiched leather grip.
  5. Sonic Screwdriver Comparison

    I like that one too, but everyone I've asked like the left more
  6. Which do you like more? (Inspired from a comment by: skjold
  7. Sonic Screwdriver Comparison

    I happen to like the right more now that I took my time. I used to think the rounded one (Your choice) was the best I could do. But I was wrong.
  8. Here's a comparison
  9. A timelaspe of my all time favorite screwdriver, the 11th Doctor's screwdriver. That same image, but in HD
  10. I know, but it looks awesome. That's what counts
  11. How To Take Models From Mine-imator

    I've actually tried once, and no. There isn't.
  12. Finally! Custom roation points! Thank you!!
  13. TARDIS Lollipop Levers

    It's meant to be downloadable through my conosle rig as a whole, but I am just too lazy to finish the last two panels.
  14. TARDIS Lollipop Levers

    This is my first control section I will be adding to my console. The classic lollipop levers.
  15. I honestly love how this turned out. I might start using this more since my rig on the interior (Which I am still very proud of) is very laggy. I still am happy with how this came out though, and hope you are too.
  16. My Journy Through Mineimator

    I'll for sure do that!
  17. I am very happy with how my animation and creation has changed. This is much dirrerent than this I am very happy with this outcome. I had no idea I would be on the journy to become a rigger, and user of item sheets. I love what has happened. I sadly don't remmeber when I actually first got Mineimator -which has now been out for five years, and David is taking control again and releasing a new update- but I know I will only get better.
  18. This is a timelapse of the 2005 TARDIS Console I made in Mineimator. I am very happy with how this turned out! I decided not to do the controls or add images to the sticky notes attatched to the monitor because if you do decide to download it, and use it, you could add your own controls and add your own images to the sticky notes attatched to the monitor which allows you lots of freedom actually. And if you do decide to use it in a video, please credit me. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/de41lie3n7e1dl7/2005_TARDIS_Console.zip
  19. I know it looks boring, but you can make it your own if you do decide to download it. Color it how you want, and add your own controls.
  20. Blender To Mine-imator Rigs.

    Okay thanks. Glad to see he's returned to work on the original.
  21. DOWNLOAD COMING SOON!!! A quick animation of a 2005 TARDIS console I am working on. Though, I am not sure if I should model the controls, or just use assets from the game. Comment below which I should do. Model the controls, or use assets from the game. I tried to make the console as screen accurate as possible. I even went so far as to include the two sticky notes on the monitor, and the five cylindrical bits on the back of the console. Overall, I am very happy with how this conosle turned out!
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