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  1. when i try to load a mailbox from mr crayfishes mod it appears as clear when put it in
  2. So when i try to download a skin it says cant download skin check your internet connection im even running and good internet yet its not downloading skins i go to mcnamecheck website and when i search up a user Boom it comes up even im having this glitch on novaskin when i try to put a skin on a person it says cannot find skin please retry and i dont know whats going on https://ibb.co/gLPXdH
  3. JackStarkey

    Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    Oh Well you see Before you parent it Put the thing you want to parent to somethings position to 0 0 0 And then when you parent it it will appear there but if you have like 276 0 0 it will make it 276 away from where its parented you see?
  4. JackStarkey

    Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    One thing... THERES A GLITCH where when i try to load a big chunk of a Skywars map It glitches out and says. import scenery from world:Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. if you click Continue , the application will ignore this error and attempt to Continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediatly. Object reference not set to an instance of an object I don't want to Put the details because it shows my computer information. https://imgur.com/a/O2QGz Edit: i figured out how to fix it! i know what the glitch is theres a glitch where when i load in a map that has no ground below it and just air it glitches out but i used worldedit to make Wood plank ground below it and was able to import into mine imator no problem
  5. JackStarkey


    Mine-imator log, please paste this into your bug report! 7:41:11 PM version: 1.0.2 (official) 7:41:11 PM gm_version: EA 1.99.416 7:41:11 PM build date: 11/6/2015 6:36:17 PM 7:41:11 PM YYC: yes 7:41:11 PM OS: Windows_NT 7:41:11 PM USERDOMAIN: DESKTOP-CAP7BO3 7:41:11 PM USERNAME: Jack 7:41:11 PM USERPROFILE: C:\Users\Jack 7:41:11 PM APPDATA: C:\Users\Jack\AppData\Roaming 7:41:11 PM video_adapter_0_name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 7:41:11 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_high: 655378 7:41:11 PM video_adapter_0_device_name: \\.\DISPLAY1 7:41:11 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_low: 659636 7:41:11 PM os_version: 393218 7:41:11 PM os_is_network_connected: yes 7:41:11 PM os_get_language: en 7:41:11 PM os_get_region: US 7:41:11 PM working_directory: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\ 7:41:11 PM file_directory: C:\Users\Jack\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 7:41:11 PM DLL init 7:41:11 PM file.dll 7:41:11 PM gzunzip.dll 7:41:11 PM movie.dll 7:41:11 PM Movie init 7:41:11 PM window.dll 7:41:11 PM texture.dll 7:41:11 PM Texture init 7:41:11 PM exe_directory: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\ 7:41:11 PM Trying to save files 7:41:11 PM Files saved 7:41:11 PM Shader init 7:41:11 PM shaders_are_supported: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_ssao_blur compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_ssao compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_ssao_depth_normal compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_light_apply compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_light_night compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_light_point compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_light_spot compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_light_sun compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_fog_apply compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_fog compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_dof compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_high_aa compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_replace compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_draw_texture compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_depth compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_color_fog_lights compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_color_fog compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_blend_fog compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_blend compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM shader_border compiled: yes 7:41:11 PM Create vertex format 7:41:11 PM Render init 7:41:11 PM Ground model init 7:41:11 PM Character models init 7:41:11 PM Windows init 7:41:11 PM Lists init 7:41:11 PM Load language file: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Other\Languages\english.txt 7:41:11 PM Make transitions 7:41:11 PM Globals init 7:41:11 PM Opening pack from folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Other\Textures\ 7:41:12 PM Loading settings: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Other\settings.file 7:41:12 PM load_format: 2 7:41:12 PM Loading recent: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Other\recent.file 7:41:12 PM Loading closed alerts: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Other\alerts.file 7:41:12 PM Startup OK 7:41:12 PM Resetting project 7:41:12 PM Destroying instances 7:41:12 PM Project resetted 7:41:12 PM Show popup: startup 7:41:27 PM Creating project: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles 7:41:27 PM Resetting project 7:41:27 PM Destroying instances 7:41:27 PM Project resetted 7:41:27 PM Saving project: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles\the littles.mproj 7:41:27 PM load_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles 7:41:27 PM save_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles 7:41:27 PM Project saved 7:41:28 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:41:34 PM Show popup: downloadskin 7:41:57 PM Add resource: downloadskin 7:41:57 PM filename: Little_Kelly.png 7:41:57 PM filename_out: Little_Kelly.png 7:41:57 PM load_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins 7:41:57 PM save_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles 7:41:57 PM Action Load resource: action_bench_char_skin, C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins\Little_Kelly.png, 100107, 100406 7:41:59 PM Action: action_bench_create 7:42:14 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:24 PM Show popup: downloadskin 7:42:31 PM Add resource: downloadskin 7:42:31 PM filename: LittleDonny.png 7:42:31 PM filename_out: LittleDonny.png 7:42:31 PM load_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins 7:42:31 PM save_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles 7:42:31 PM Action Load resource: action_bench_char_skin, C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins\LittleDonny.png, 100406, 100426 7:42:33 PM Action: action_bench_create 7:42:34 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:35 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:42:36 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:40 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:42:43 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:46 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:47 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:48 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:49 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:50 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:52 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:54 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:56 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:57 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:58 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:42:59 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:43:00 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:43:01 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:43:02 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:43:02 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:43:03 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:43:08 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:43:11 PM Opening particles: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Particles\Default spawner.particles 7:43:11 PM save_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles 7:43:11 PM load_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Particles 7:43:11 PM load_format: 10 7:43:11 PM Templates: 0 7:43:11 PM Timelines: 0 7:43:11 PM Resources: 0 7:43:11 PM Get template iids 7:43:11 PM Get particle type iids 7:43:11 PM Get keyframe iids 7:43:11 PM Get timeline iids 7:43:11 PM Update program 7:43:11 PM Particles loaded 7:43:17 PM Show popup: downloadskin 7:43:35 PM Add resource: downloadskin 7:43:35 PM filename: Little_Carly.png 7:43:35 PM filename_out: Little_Carly.png 7:43:35 PM load_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins 7:43:35 PM save_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles 7:43:35 PM Action Load resource: action_bench_char_skin, C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins\Little_Carly.png, 100426, 100473 7:43:36 PM Action: action_bench_create 7:43:39 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:43:43 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:43:47 PM Show popup: downloadskin 7:43:55 PM Add resource: downloadskin 7:43:55 PM filename: LittleLizardG.png 7:43:55 PM filename_out: LittleLizardG.png 7:43:55 PM load_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins 7:43:55 PM save_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles 7:43:55 PM Action Load resource: action_bench_char_skin, C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins\LittleLizardG.png, 100473, 100496 7:43:56 PM Action: action_bench_create 7:43:58 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:44:01 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:44:18 PM Show popup: downloadskin 7:44:27 PM Add resource: downloadskin 7:44:27 PM filename: TinyTurtleG.png 7:44:27 PM filename_out: TinyTurtleG.png 7:44:27 PM load_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins 7:44:27 PM save_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles 7:44:27 PM Action Load resource: action_bench_char_skin, C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins\TinyTurtleG.png, 100496, 100520 7:44:29 PM Action: action_bench_create 7:44:30 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:44:41 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:45:05 PM Show popup: downloadskin 7:45:17 PM Add resource: downloadskin 7:45:17 PM filename: EvilLittle_Kelly.png 7:45:17 PM filename_out: EvilLittle_Kelly.png 7:45:17 PM load_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins 7:45:17 PM save_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles 7:45:17 PM Action Load resource: action_bench_char_skin, C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins\EvilLittle_Kelly.png, 100520, 100545 7:45:19 PM Action: action_bench_create 7:45:21 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:45:28 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:45:32 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:45:36 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:45:41 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:45:42 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:45:43 PM Action: action_tl_select 7:45:47 PM Action: action_tl_deselect_all 7:45:59 PM Show popup: downloadskin 7:46:16 PM Add resource: downloadskin 7:46:16 PM filename: Donut_The_Dog.png 7:46:16 PM filename_out: Donut_The_Dog.png 7:46:16 PM load_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins 7:46:16 PM save_folder: C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Projects\the littles 7:46:16 PM Action Load resource: action_bench_char_skin, C:\Users\Jack\Mine-imator\Skins\Donut_The_Dog.png, 100545, 100580 7:46:18 PM Action: action_bench_create 7:46:19 PM Action: action_tl_select
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