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  1. Happy aniversary, Mine-imator!

  2. [2K] Morning Exercise

    I managed to make this one without photoshop AT ALL.
  3. Parrots rig

    And I used a different item texturing method
  4. Flying Scotsman Train rig

    Good evening! I finally finished the first version of this rig, after 7 hours of work. A note, It will give heavy lag on slow PCs. In case of that, I disabled the wheelset to render only on high quality mode. Yeah, the wheels causes lag. I made it with the help of a technical engineering drawing of the actual A3, heh. There are lots of missing things, for example; the interior, and the coupling. I provided a preview rail too. if you want to extend/improve the rail, go on. If you found some flaws/errors, point it out! I will fix it in the next update. Download You are allowed use it, idk what you are going to use it for. just give me credits, ok? and oh.. don't even try to move/animate the connector rods. just dont.
  5. Parrots rig

    I decided to release my rig. They are easy to re-skin, I've named their texture parts Preview Download
  6. "Venice"

    I love your style!
  7. UNDER DA SEA (2k)

    If that sunken ship behind was Titanic.. Nice!
  8. Another Scene Test

    I love it
  9. Parrot [2K Wallpaper]

    I'm back, here have a picture wallpaper of me with a parrot "Before" render I made the parrot, but decided to not release it for some reasons.
  10. Traveller's Rucksack

    Link updated! https://www.dropbox.com/s/es2497ir8fq468h/Traveller's Rucksack.rar?dl=0
  11. Traveller's Rucksack

    I will fix the download. Thanks for notifying me!
  12. the girl one looks smexy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. [C4D] Swords

  14. [C4D] Swords

    yes i made this in c4d is it good? Listen to this song, might get you cheer'd up Coldplay yes just open the link and sit back
  15. someone kill me pls

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