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  1. Also one more thing. Sorry for the double status but

    To all the newbies out there, "smooth animation" is not something that can be taught. You can't watch a 20 minute YouTube tutorial and call it a day. In fact it's naive to think that you can learn everything you need to know just by watching tutorials. There's not how art works. You put work into art. Animation is art.

    Smooth animation is something you achieve by experience. You earn it, not learn it. When making art, you can't just ask some other artist "Hey, could you record yourself painting that picture again so I can do it just like you?" And the problem is that to some of you that sentence might not even sound stupid.

    Art is not "Hey what are they doing on theirs?" Art is "Hey, what can I change about what I'm doing to make mine work better?" Of course I'm not saying using others as influence is bad. Inspiration is definitely important. Copying someone else's techniques, however, is never beneficial. You will not grow as an artist. You will not learn for yourself how to further the quality of your work, and you will be sorely unprepared for the real deal.


    Thanks guys I'm going to bed.

    1. YoshiHunter


      Thanks for saying that! It makes me feel more expectant that my first animation that I will share here will not have the best in animation.

    2. Rollo


      @YoshiHunter Definitely! No one's first animation is the best. Just keep practicing and putting your heart into it!

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