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  1. Rollo

    "Fading" Particles

    David, I don't feel so good.
  2. Rollo

    Carry on the story {Game}

  3. Rollo

    Need help with downloading rigs

    When you download the file from wherever you download it from, it should be a .zip file if they put it together correctly. All you should have to do is double-click the file in your downloads folder. You should see the project file in there. You can check by going into that folder, and seeing if there's a .mproj or .miproject file. If there is, you can go back and copy the entire folder. The place you should paste it in should be C://Program Files/Mine-imator/Projects. Just paste it in and open it in the project browser in Mine-imator.
  4. Freefall entrants, there are only 3 DAYS to finish your entries! Get it done! Sorry I didn't remind you like 4 days ago, I can extend the time another week if it caused issues.

    @MachineGunInc @Hagus @MasterArcher12 @Chaukeke @ky_09095 @alfadog @Mighty Maison @HeYoNia @DatCoalDuck @Twotorule @TheCollieStalks @Pigeon_ @Swift @FoxtrotHeaven @Dave's Animations @Slime

    1. DuallyElemental


      Sorry, I forgot to tell you, but I have waaay too much on my bucket list. Parents just dumped all of this on me and it’s kinda hard to cope. Apologies, I hope you understand.

    2. Mighty Maison

      Mighty Maison

      hey... I've been dealing with some other stuff and there is a lot of weight on my shoulders right now, plus i'm on vacation right now...

    3. Swift


      I’m almost done my entry, it will probably be done by tomorrow.

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  5. Oh hey, 1804 rep. Thanks dudes. That's about the time to start talking about cool history, because history is cool.

    In the year 1804, Haitian slaves declared their independence from France. At the time Haiti was the master of sugar export, and they were extremely wealthy. But since all the slaves revolted, there was no one to harvest sugar cane. Also, since many other countries also had slaves, they didn't want to associate with Haiti and cut off trade. Plus they were also in debt to France.

    And that is why Haiti is so poor.

    Idk I think it's interesting.

    1. Netherall Brimstone

      Netherall Brimstone

      and in the year -1, memes were invented.

    2. Chaukeke


      You don't need to fight to find a compromise. But that doesn't mean you have to accept to report all the jews from your country to the nazis.

      Screw you Pétain, at least De Gaulle was a nice guy.

  6. If you missed my newest wallpaper:


  7. Rollo

    EXILED (4K)

    This is the second in the "series" I suppose (I'm just making these for fun, and to improve my posing, lighting, and editing skills). There's a story somewhere. Tell me if I improved from the last one! The "first":
  8. Rollo

    Twice Likey dance thing

    Looks like the outro to an American anime.
  9. qVJvr5r.png

    1. MYSELF3200


      I knew this would make good meme material.

  10. Rollo

    Channel Trailer

    I haven't actually seen any of your animations. They look pretty impressive from this trailer though.
  11. Rollo

    Exploring in the Jungle

    This is pretty aesthetic. This gets many gold stars.
  12. the forums

    they survived

    and @derpydinosaur64 is our savior

    1. Rollo


      @EnderSculptor Really I made it up. But believe it or not it was inspired by Lord of the Flies. Like when the kids would see something crazy they would say things like "wacko." "wizard." You know, before they killed each other (it's a good book recommend).

      But yeah I basically made it up.

    2. derpydinosaur64


      how am I a savior? I just forgot to do that post earlier XD

    3. Rollo


      You posted when everyone else's websites were broken. Praise be.

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  13. Rollo

    Trash Can Model

    oh hey now i dont have to build my house anymore
  14. Rollo

    How to get better at getting REP

    Colonel Muffin
  15. Rollo

    dark room with torch

    Ay dis looks aight.
  16. That link you shared was just the YouTube link again. Good entry bud.
  17. Rollo

    Fireflies [2k Wallpaper]

    If I remember correctly they added a checkbox in the settings to turn off pinch, but it can break other things. I don't know if that has anything to do with sharp bending though.
  18. Rollo

    Fireflies [2k Wallpaper]

    I don't believe my eyes.
  19. @CaptainClipy @KaryuGraphics
  20. Rollo

    No models available

    I would try backing up all your projects somewhere and reinstalling the program, making sure you have enough space in the drive you install it in, and that you install it correctly.
  21. No, you are not mine and AnılCagatay's friend. AnılCagatay is the man. AnılCagatay, how did you close the program when it crashed? If you closed it by using anything but the X in the corner (for example, the Task Manager), it will tell you this the next time you open it. It doesn't mean anything went wrong, just that you didn't close the program the way you expected. However, this has also happened to me if I right-clicked it on the taskbar and selected Close Program. So it would really help if you gave context as to what you did the last time you closed it. And if you haven't lost any progress or save files, it's nothing to worry about. Nothing should be broken and you should still be able to use the program like normal. EDIT: Oh, and can you run the program like normal now? If you dismiss the error you should be able to use the program like normal like I said before.
  22. Rollo

    Horse's back leg bend point

    Oh shoot the image links were on the same line i thought there was only one lol
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