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  1. Okay okay okay I've been making a lot of status updates about amateurs on the forums so I might as well slap this one on.

    "Hate" is defined as different things nowadays, which means a lot more can be passed off as such. Criticism is not hate. If someone does not like something you made, don't tell yourself "Nahh they're just hatin'." Well, all hate is based off of something. Just like all exaggeration is based on truth. If someone doesn't like what you made, find out why. Otherwise you'll never improve yourself.

    And also be careful of who's giving the criticism. Nowadays on the forums I see a lot of new people telling other new people that what they made was good, when it really wasn't, and neither is the content they make. If people who don't know what they're doing either tell you you're doing just fine, it's not reliable and will not improve you whatsoever. And to the other side of it: don't tell people what's good when you have negative reputation for what you've been making. Of course, be confident in yourself, but also don't ignored people with legitimate criticisms.

    hope you enjoyed my powerpoint god bless have a safe drive home

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    2. EnderSculptor


      That's a good idea.

    3. YoshiHunter


      @Colonel Muffin Man, you just earned my deep respect, defending amateurs like me.

    4. Nzshark6


      Thank you!

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