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  1. Ok, this is actually rather good. I feel like the character closer to the camera, the one in green, could be removed along with the torch. This would emphasize the feeling of emptiness and fear while the wide angle shows off the darkness and pulls in more with that lonely feeling. This is mainly my opinion, however. Overall, very good.
  2. Alright, Jesus Christ, can the people here at least show an ounce of respect towards other humans? Since the time I've joined there has been quite a hate war against various groups and the toxicity is becoming so high that I've had to pull out my military grade respirator. Seriously. Learn to not be fricking children. Even if you're under 13 you can at least show some maturity, hell, I joined when I was under 13 and I didn't start any of this bullcrap. And if you're over 13, don't give excuses. You are fully capable of being a mature person and showing respect, and if you don't, leave now. Please. It'll do us all a favor.

  3. Funny, people are overreacting over Discord but its working fine for me

    1. Ethaniel
    2. Sword


      I did, still able to navigate channels

    3. Ethaniel
  4. My last three brain cells decided to repaint a Minecraft wallpaper. Credit to @Ethaniel for the original wallpaper.

     (It's still a work-in-progress)ZMvWiBa.png

  5. God this is horribly great, I love the movie and this is killing me haha
  6. The Ricardo is what made me laugh, not gonna lie. The animation itself was rather nice. At first it was a bit simple, but after about 30 seconds I began to like it more. The goofy storyline matched the sort of fun cartoon style animation which is nice. Part of me feels like the first part in the woods could be a bit more polished, but that might just be me. Overall the cursed content was meme worthy and the Ricardo was legendary,
  7. Vote Mountains! GOATS BEAT BOATS! 



  8. Apologies for the status update spam. This will be my last post for a while, schools got me busy. Here's all my oc's that I've drawn.


    Raven, my angry bird child. He was once a humanoid owl creature, but during the story arc "War Machines" he was turned into a cyborg. His weapon is a glass trident.


    Sword, my pissed off dragon Lady. She is my main oc and is extremely chaotic at times. When she gets mad, she will either begin to glitch or turn into a dragon. Her weapon is a bow and arrow and her fire magic.


    This is Kazuki! He is a small maple tree as part of my unnamed original species. He plays a flute and can often be found in the forest playing tunes alone. He is really nice, and in terms of age, he's almost a teenager. When he wants to go play his flute or get away from something, he will disappear in a whirlwind of maple leaves.


    And here is the villain of the series! Most people call him Glitch, but his real name is Time. He's a huge sucker for cloaks and is almost always wearing a crimson cloak that is ripped down the middle. The rip forms two wings he can use to fly. He can attack people with invisible strings representing memories, and he is able to pull these strings out of thin air. However, when he was still a god, he would attack using magic as opposed to strings. 


    As always, please don't steal or heavily reference! I spent time making these dudes, thank you

  9. beep beep 

    meet Synthira


    This is one of my ocs, I would appreciate it if you did not steal/heavily reference it, thank you

  10. knock knock

    whos there

    your local dragon-cat lady who doesn't care




    For some reason, tf2 content is the easiest thing for me to draw (I first started drawing people that way), so enjoy some sketches/paintings/who knows what 

    1. WAZZL3


      Nice, what program u use to draw?

    2. Sword


      Krita for digital artwork. Its pretty advanced and its free, but it is somewhat laggy even on really good computers.

  11. I have now seen what lies in the deepest pits of insanity... In all honestly circle rigs rarely do work out (this is from personal experience), it looks ok, but the mouth is off and the eyebrows (assuming thats what the rectangles are) are kinda strange looking next to all those circles.
  12. Haven't been here for a while. I might post some animations, who knows. Anyways here is some art I've been doing in the meantime.


    Dragon Lady aka Me 


    Tree Guardian


    My TF2 Loadout :)

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