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  1. Cyprès

    Violin Rig

    simple but beautiful and useful great work
  2. when you're inactive for 5 month


    time for reading ^^

  3. Cyprès


    the lighting is pretty well made, but the scenery would maybe need some work anyway, great work +1
  4. Cyprès

    Creepy Landscape

    well, well, well. i can understand you could have some problems with mine imator. but it doesn't excuse this lack of work poses needs work : unrealistic the lanscape needs work : streched texture, flatlands the lightning needs work : too bright to induce fear conclusion, not that bad, but needs work +1 for encouragement, because i know you can do better
  5. Cyprès

    Castle: Game Map (100% COMPLETE) And What The Game Is About!

    it's a pity :/ anyway, this map is really well made keep up great work @The Last Dreadnought
  6. Cyprès

    Don't Click

    well, some tips to improve : -work on posing -maybe use rigs -work on lightning -work on editing -avoid to post fad if you didn't worked alot on your creation(we don't really like fad on these forums :/, even more if it's not well made )
  7. Cyprès

    Castle: Game Map (100% COMPLETE) And What The Game Is About!

    hmm nice indeed take my +1 also if the game is a team fight, what we could do is a 12 vs 12 vs 12 vs 12 with this map x 4 to give a castle to each team
  8. Cyprès

    Human Hologram Rig

    i know but... it looks like there is a problem
  9. Cyprès

    Human Hologram Rig

    where is the picture gone ? D:
  10. Cyprès

    Too much bloom?

    ok nice ^^
  11. Cyprès

    Halo Sniper and Magnum (Halo CE)

  12. Cyprès

    Too much bloom?

    the bloom is ok ^^ +1 also to upload an image with imgur click on get share link copy BBCode link paste on you topic then you have 2 choices : • let it like this then submit (the image will appear when you'll submit the topic) • remove the img /img and the [ ] and press enter (the image will appear instantly on your draft (before you posted the topic))
  13. oww imgur is dying m8s :/


    1. EthanForeverAlone


      The whole internet seems to be down


  14. i know, but it's a month full of studies too so it'll probably be hard to find time maybe during the week end it would be ok, but i don't know if it will suffice so i'm not sure to have enough time to finish it but i'll try
  15. well, guess i probably won't have lot of time to do it, but i'll try [EDIT] it wont be possible for this one :/ i have lots of exam during this month and i have to prepare it :/ hope i'll be able to participate to the next one ^^
  16. Cyprès

    Trash Doves Rig WIP.

    hmm maybe you should make the eyes on the sides of the head anyway, not that bad
  17. Cyprès

    Make A Pose Collab 3! <CLOSED>

    well, too late for me :/ maybe next time
  18. Cyprès

    Godd's Playground

    well, not bad at all, but... anyway, got my
  19. Cyprès

    My Friend Skin and My Skin

    flatlands :/
  20. Cyprès

    Star Wars Duel [2K]

    Tatooine is a desert add some dunes, instead of flatlands
  21. Cyprès

    Make A Pose Collab 3! <CLOSED>

    ow due date in 3 days... i'll try
  22. Cyprès

    Necromancer's Might

    it's not bad, but... it needs work on lightning, on posing... i know you don't really want to improve it, but i'm sure it could have been much better if you've put more efforts in your creations you'd have been more happy about the result, an people would have liked it more anyway, rep+1
  23. Cyprès

    Prototype 2 Flyer

    the rig is very good, and the draw awesome is it your draw ?
  24. Cyprès

    Tv Rig Made by Vixer the rabbit

    it looks a little like a microwave oven, but not bad
  25. 200 rep ! thanks everyone :)


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