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  1. creepycreeper103

    Intro Destroyer?

    why not
  2. creepycreeper103

    Mozo's Hand Rig V1

    please don't post the forum link on the mi discord in place of posting images and maybe a download link
  3. creepycreeper103

    BPS Pug Model V1.1 (FIXED!!!)

    first off, comic sans second off, work on the face rig before release sfr doesn't mix with pugs
  4. creepycreeper103

    The Seven Blocky Seas!

    please don't post forum links in place of posting the image directly in #wallpapers
  5. creepycreeper103

    Elytra test

    the animations are really linear, that walk/run cycle at the beginning didn't match how fast he was actually moving, lighting is bad, flatlands, the legs don't move at all when he jumps.
  6. creepycreeper103


    the forums------------------- are gone!!!
  7. creepycreeper103

    the best animation of all time

    fixed the embed it is p e r f e c t i o n
  8. creepycreeper103

    certificate machine broke

    oof the certificate expired today and the forums became annoying to access, and posting is almost broke too
  9. creepycreeper103

    F.N.A.F 4 Rigs Update [No Haters please]

    While the topic is bumped I might as well say it. I expect OP to be a sane human being instead of saying "ya no haturz guys!11" The rigs don't look terrible, but me saying fad is a bad game or "ew fad" doesn't mean my thoughts collect to "it's a bad rig". Neither does it make me a "hater".
  10. creepycreeper103


    is this an all in one pc or is it just peripherals?
  11. creepycreeper103

    Accurate PC Rig

    monitor or other peripherals not included lmfao made by @creepycreeper103 and @CodyBI download link:
  12. creepycreeper103

    Morning!...on the bed :|

    get demonetized lmfao
  13. creepycreeper103

    Glock 18 wip

    this is better than car gun
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