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  1. @david Could you send me a copy of 1.0.5 mine imator... the 1.0.6 bugs out badly on my laptop :(

  2. I've tried all it just won't work
  3. This is what happens when ever I open mine imator
  4. Help! my mine-imator won't open! <<< Mine-imator: 'Community Edition' log >>> In your bug report, include this full log, along with instructions how to recreate the bug. If the issue concerns a specific animation, upload its folder as a .zip. 11:44:15 AM version: 1.0.6 ( 'Community Build' 1.0.2) 11:44:15 AM gm_version: 1.4.1749 11:44:15 AM build date: 11/19/2016 12:26:14 PM 11:44:15 AM YYC: yes 11:44:15 AM working_directory: \\ph-fss1\Students\S63464\Desktop\Mine-imator (Community Build)\ 11:44:15 AM file_directory: C:\Users\S63464\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator__Community_Build_\ 11:44:15 AM OS: Windows 11:44:15 AM os_version: 393218 11:44:15 AM os_is_network_connected: yes 11:44:15 AM os_get_language: en 11:44:15 AM os_get_region: US 11:44:15 AM USERDOMAIN: PARKHILL 11:44:15 AM USERNAME: S63464 11:44:15 AM USERPROFILE: C:\Users\S63464 11:44:15 AM APPDATA: C:\Users\S63464\AppData\Roaming 11:44:15 AM NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS: 4 11:44:15 AM PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 11:44:15 AM PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER: 11:44:15 AM PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 6 11:44:15 AM PROCESSOR_REVISION: 4e03 11:44:15 AM video_adapter_0_name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 11:44:15 AM video_adapter_0_driver_version_high: 1310739 11:44:15 AM video_adapter_0_device_name: \\.\DISPLAY1 11:44:15 AM video_adapter_0_driver_version_low: 987484 11:44:15 AM Old log found 11:44:15 AM Library init 11:44:15 AM Data\file.dll 11:44:15 AM Data\movie.dll 11:44:15 AM Movie init 11:44:15 AM Data\window.dll 11:44:15 AM Data\texture.dll 11:44:15 AM Texture init 11:44:17 AM open_url: http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/forum/51-mine-imator-issues-and-bugs/ 11:44:17 AM open_url: C:\Users\S63464\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator__Community_Build_\log_previous.txt
  5. oh boi ! now ive been gone for around 2 months and now i have 390 notifications :,) lol

  6. I was only gone for a week... and now I have 99+ notifications... *INHALES* Boi!

    1. willingsas


      That would be an annoying prank; to send 99 messages with "WE ARE NUMBER ONE" written on them.

    2. NietyFox


      Because you follow so many people.

  7. For some reason, I had a dream where I was on my laptop in a box and I had multiple warning points... I have a weird imagination.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Malaki_Animations
    3. Patrick
    4. HEDHNTR


      I had one where I had the most specific virus on my laptop. It would slowly decay my screen back to desktop.

  8. I'll do never mine straight up... but I'm still working on other collabs so it will take awhile to finish
  9. I don't know why but, *late* Happy Birthday...

  10. I am not a hater, but I also don't like f.n.a.f very much... I think this needs a lot more work!
  11. I'd like one, please! my skin is under my profile pic and my YT name is Endermite Malaki, i'd like it to have the characters from my banner right now. I can send you those through messager
  12. All the drones are the same, but specifically the player drone. Try to make it recolorable!
  13. Do a Clone Drone In The Danger Zone - drone rig! *even though I'm planning to do it myself*
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