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  1. Chaukeke

    Glock 17 Rig with Voxel Model

    I have no uses but I'm gonna download this anyway.
  2. Chaukeke

    Realism Render’s

    Everything great except for that weird snow
  3. Chaukeke

    The Way Some People Judge Content

    What about hating on bad rigs instead? It's like one later away from fad and that would make everyone somewhat happy.
  4. Chaukeke

    The Way Some People Judge Content

    As for Ratchet, he just said he wanted to be a huge jerk. As for some others, they just don't care about the game but since someone else hates the game he think he's just gonna do the same for no reasons.
  5. Chaukeke

    Aftermath [WIP]

    You'll regret this way too soon Flee while you can !
  6. Chaukeke

    "Fad" gun

    What about Minecraft huh ? That's what I though...
  7. Chaukeke

    US Military Convoy

    I think the exact opposite. The transition are decent and makes sens, but the lighting is pretty classic and uninteresting. Try making the clouds higher and change the ambiant color as well as the sunlight color for better effect. The animation could use some more sounds for the movements on the ground and maybe make the tank slightly slower than the wheeled vehicules, since they aren't the fastes thing on earth.
  8. Chaukeke

    Turn it up character rig

    This is actually very good for a first rig! Welcome on the Mine-Imator forum! Enjoy your stay and avoid F.N.a.F. stuff !
  9. Chaukeke


    Nope, Betty from Glitchtale !
  10. Chaukeke

    The Freefall Collab!

    I think I'll give it a shot.
  11. Chaukeke

    Testing MI 1.1.4

    Can't say anthing more.
  12. Chaukeke

    Male Template

    A male rig. I saw Redanimator post this: So I decided to make this. Pics: Features: Thick waist. Pecs. Pretty confusing to texture so I will just give you a Steve template to see how I did it. DOWNLOAD HERE No need to credit, but it's appreciated. Tell me if there is anything wrong with it. Also, if you use it, I would love to see! Enjoy!
  13. See? Sideway bend is usefull for vanilla characters too!
  14. Chaukeke

    YM Rig V1.1

    Whatever, it works for the video. I actually thought about this process earlier today and finding out you released a rig about it and explaining how that works is kind of funny :3
  15. Chaukeke

    YM Rig V1.1

    Hey dat is pretty gud !
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