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  1. Chaukeke

    The Trials of Timmy Trumpet

    Nah nah, it was funny, but very very very ugly looking, maybe too much, which ruins the joke..
  2. Chaukeke

    The Trials of Timmy Trumpet

    I am amazed, how is there not a single shadow in the animation?
  3. Chaukeke

    Minecraft Update Aquatic

    I'll wait for Mine-Imator's Update.
  4. Chaukeke

    I’m taking weapon requests/ideas now

    A laser chainsaw and a laser circular saw ! I LOVE LASERS !!! Owo (Replace the saw with a red transparent item or somethin')
  5. Chaukeke


    Teach me ! (+ Welcome to the Forum !)
  6. Either it's a really good play with the render depth settings, or it's a crappy camera surface thing, I can't actually tell..
  7. Chaukeke

    Random wallpapers

    I mean, if it's really early in the morning, it works pretty fine!
  8. Chaukeke

    Off Limits

    Well I mean the animation suck but I laugh so you won an upvote
  9. Chaukeke

    the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    Judging by the to-do list, in a while With UCN released, we are re-working all of the characters to fit the originals better.
  10. Chaukeke

    Glue Gun

    USEFULL DIY LIFE HACK PART 358!!!!11!!!!!!!!! LINK TO MY MERCH IN DESC!!!!VVVvvVVVVV This is pretty good!
  11. Chaukeke

    Wallpaper - The fall of the Chicken. [2k]

    This is pretty awesome quality stuff right there!
  12. Chaukeke

    Undertale Intro - Minecraft Animation

    Should put verything brightness 100 to avoid weird shadows and give it more of a "monochrome" look.
  13. Chaukeke

    Our real faces?

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