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    PS2 and PS4 Games
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    2000s (Just the movies and everything)
    1970s-1990s Music
    Ratchet and Clank
    Fight Animation (Except Edgy Intro)
    Anime (Only Naruto, Attack on titans, Death Note and JoJo)
    Dark Humor
    WW2 History
    Super Smash Bros Series
    Star wars Battlefront 2 (2005)
    Telltale Games
    Saying m8
    Lost Media (Movies, Games and TV Shows)
    Shiba inu (Because I like dogs)
    and Old games

    Kids trying to be Hip and cool
    Cartoon network Reboot Show or Crappy Show
    Werid Art came from DeviantArt (Fetish Art)
    Monster School (Except Willcraft hes fine)
    Life Series (I hate it all)
    Raps (except 80s and 2000s)
    Fidget Spinner
    Minecraft Intro
    Minecraft IRL Video
    Fad Supporters
    A Thot
    Star Wars Battlefront (Reboot)
    and Finally Everybody else (Expect Friends and Good people)

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  1. hiendiep55

    uhh pls click this...

    I hope you happy
  2. I'm sad that my favorite video game company shut down today which is Telltale games will stop making games and finish episode 2 TWDG:S4 without doing episode 3-4

    1. Chaukeke


      Oh shet really ?? Crap.

    2. jakubg1


      Maybe they could make the game free and release its source so everyone can make more... why do I have a bag on my head? What's happening???....... .. .. .

    3. hiendiep55


      @Chaukeke Yes


      They shut down because of lack of workers in company and canceled all games and episodes

  3. hiendiep55

    Car Crash Collab

    People ain't joining because of no details
  4. hiendiep55

    uhh pls click this...

    There is auto rig if you want it
  5. hiendiep55

    Collab Zombie

    Tiny details...... nope
  6. hiendiep55

    BonBon the Cinnamon Bun rig.

    Maybe I should do it for joke
  7. I recovered my software back after My PC got reset 3 times in row due of wifi problem

  8. hiendiep55

    Pizza for superpanda

    No pic no click
  9. hiendiep55

    My New Oc Wallpaper(Please Like)

    It's bad honestly Try something else beside fad
  10. hiendiep55

    simple educational project - hiring

    It sound like good idea But David should allowed this for classes
  11. hiendiep55

    Orange justice cycle

  12. hiendiep55

    Orange justice cycle

    I don't like fortnite content but this........... Is good
  13. Adventure time is finished

    I missed that show now

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hagus
    3. MikTRF


      I never watched it.

    4. Slime


      First Edd Ed n Eddy, then Regular Show, now Adventure time. Gumball and Steven Universe are ending soon.

  14. hiendiep55

    when u see fad

    You gotta get use to it man If you see it, ignore it Ontopic: Tbh it's happened everytime Me too I quit being fan since 2015
  15. I read 5 chapters of JoJo part 5 and it's really good

    I'm little upset that i missed the early screening on anime expo

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