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  1. I finished first season few weeks ago but I gotta say This is great rig
  2. Friendly reminder that I scream at this trailer


  3. The head looks off You just turned this girl into owl or something
  4. Tbh I'm old player of warz server and I haven't play it since 2017
  5. I'm hyped for FF7 Remake

  6. Why would you make a film from licensed movie without DreamWorks animation permission Also making movie in MI is worse idea by remaking it. It sound fan demake
  7. As fist of the north star fan, you're late with the meme
  8. hiendiep55

    Steve rig

    No preview No click
  9. 2b2bt is best 9 years old server but seriously, 1.2.5 sound like my childhood in MC
  10. Noob school sound like clone of Monster school but it wasn't original idea So it still counts as Monster school clone or ripoff (Similar like Player school or others)
  11. R.I.P Peter Mayhew 

    1. YoshiHunter


      may the force be with him... 😢

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