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  1. People has rights to being honest about the animation Office trouble animation took much effort with single person who know what to do with it such as storyboard and post-production Monster school doesn't take effort and it was rushed and got nothing else to do but adding random ideas without thinking about the script or storyboards The MS youtubers gets much views and sub because of bots While normal MI youtubers gets amount of sub and views by their fans or sent by friends
  2. Can you make a buster sword from FF7
  3. Fad isn't welcome to the MI fourm because people might downvote you for posting dead fandom since 2014 I would say try to work on something beside fad or other fandoms
  4. I'm a Joker main now in Smash bros 


    I'm going to quit Richter from now

  5. Most of current MS animators always running out of ideas and just scrapped those dead memes and trying to act funny but it ain't funny at all So what do they do mostly? Nothing but cash-grabbing and rushed animation that is only lasted 1 week of post-production and ripping off willcraft I would suggeted that you shouldn't do monster school or else you will be part of problem
  6. Why the warning is something pointless? It doesn't make sense
  7. The nightime is something I love to see on shaders
  8. No images and no download
  9. I'm Good I mainly focused on Lost Media discord server
  10. Jojo part 9 is werid than I imagined
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