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    PS2 and PS4 Games
    Old Minecraft Youtube video
    2000s (Just the movies and everything)
    1970s-1990s Music
    Ratchet and Clank
    Fight Animation (Except Edgy Intro)
    Anime (Only Naruto, Attack on titans, Death Note and JoJo)
    Dark Humor
    WW2 History
    Super Smash Bros Series
    Star wars Battlefront 2 (2005)
    Telltale Games
    Saying m8
    Lost Media (Movies, Games and TV Shows)
    Shiba inu (Because I like dogs)
    and Old games

    Kids trying to be Hip and cool
    Cartoon network Reboot Show or Crappy Show
    Werid Art came from DeviantArt (Fetish Art)
    Monster School (Except Willcraft hes fine)
    Life Series (I hate it all)
    Raps (except 80s and 2000s)
    Fidget Spinner
    Minecraft Intro
    Minecraft IRL Video
    Fad Supporters
    A Thot
    Star Wars Battlefront (Reboot)
    and Finally Everybody else (Expect Friends and Good people)

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  1. hiendiep55


    Jotaro Kujo would approved Ontopic: It's nice
  2. I finished watching Jojo Diamond is unbreakable. I cant wait for Golden Wind in this fall

  3. hiendiep55

    Father Love

    Amazing m8
  4. It's fine Credit to the owner who made the map and it's a good thing and feel free to use the map
  5. Rapping???? and bit of emo??? Seriously don't act emo we're animators not tim burton wannabes Try to show us your work
  6. hiendiep55

    Movie Poster Thing

    Trust me I fought nimi for months ago I fight you banders
  7. Damn I got nothing else to play now


    I only got PUBG, TF2 and VRChat on steam


    Any good MC Mod i can play (Modpack)

    1. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      Try the Minecraft Aether mod. It's great in survival mode.

    2. hiendiep55


      Good idea 

      I forgot Aether Mod for many years since yogcast upload aether 2 

  8. hiendiep55

    Kairi Skin - Kingdom Hearts 1

    Looks amazing Are you planning to do Sora, Donald and Goofy?
  9. hiendiep55

    Make Me A Profile Picture

    Stop being lazy and make it yourself We're not farmer doing your job for the king and queen
  10. hiendiep55

    Baldi's Basics Rig Pack

    Baldi is confirmed as fresh and new fad or bad fandom now
  11. hiendiep55

    am i allowed to use my real face as icon?

    I would say dont because if you want to get kidnap by random stranger from other town or so Just use any profile pic except IRL you
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