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    Werid Art came from DeviantArt (Fetish Art)
    Monster School (Except Willcraft hes fine)
    Life Series (I hate it all)
    Raps (except 80s and 2000s)
    Fidget Spinner
    Minecraft Intro
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    A Thot
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    Loud People
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  1. hiendiep55

    Worst day of my life

    Sorry to hear about your loss man
  2. What are good and bad for direct?




    Final fanasty 7 date



    Less detail for Smash bros and 2 second joker gameplay 

    No bayonetta 3 

    No new fighters 

    No animal crossing

    Too many Indie games and anime games


    That's all I can say about direct and I don't like it

  3. I finished Kingdom Hearts 3 and I love the game alot 

  4. hiendiep55

    Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

    Dat last image He just use something that isn't spiderman things
  5. hiendiep55

    Another Minds Eye

    The problem is that you need lighting because it looks bland on your render
  6. That's it?

    That's a super bowl performed?

    That was just an 6 second of recreation and sicko mode!

    What a rip


    GRRRRRRRRR........ NFL Betrayed US!!!


    Seriously it almost upset me.

  7. hiendiep55

    Ethan & Ethan

    So many Ethans
  8. My Smash bros main 



    My others main is Matt from Wii Sports

  9. hiendiep55

    Minecraft vs. Real Life

    Don't try to take that note from Itsharryandjerry from 2016
  10. hiendiep55

    Spiderman Into the Spiderverse [4K cinematic]

    Love the movie Also Love the render
  11. hiendiep55

    I am in need of some constructive criticism!

    It was great but it does feel like blender style.
  12. I can tell your favorite game is Star wars battlefront 2 (2005)

    I'm proud that I see someone love one of my favorite PS2 games 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. hiendiep55


      That's nice 

      I played this game for 9 years and I'm a Darth Maul main 

      Also EA Battlefront 2 is trash

    3. YoshiHunter


      The EA one was definitely trash when it launched. It did improve a bit since, but I can always go back to the classic one, for fantastic fun from start to finish.

    4. hiendiep55



      I always have huge respect to OG Battlefront series and I always disrespected EA Series

  13. Top Notch 


    I'm happy I got 500 Rep

  14. One more Upvote to 500 Rep


    Here's a render of myself


    Gun by Skibbz


    1. BaconSandwich


      I hit the reacc limit for today, regardless I really love the posing, especially in the first one. I have upvoted you in spirit, my fren

  15. hiendiep55

    Character Renders

    1 Upvote for jojo reference and posing
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