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  1. Why asking that when you can make your own animation rather than hiring small animators
  2. I joined Mine-imator 5 years ago and currently i'm posting stuff here rarely


    Beginning (Mine-imator 0.6.2)


    Now (Cinema 4D R17)




  3. I gotta be honest, Jonathan design looks like Jeb when he worked as animation studio Also i'm interested on volumetric fog
  4. Y'all going to wear plague doctors for halloween? 

  5. fnaf is gay


    oh damn i can finally say the thing

  6. I'm a cloud main for SSBU I would say this is amazing job
  7. Is this second coming of your channel? Great work on animation. I haven't watched your channel for long time
  8. It's been few months during shelter in place bs


    I got bored real easy and the only game I enjoyed playing right now it's Persona 5 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


    Yet i got nothing else to post on my render than posting it on topic or status update

  9. This person easily tells me that you're not real
  10. YOOOOO


    Ratchet and Clank is bacc again!!!!

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