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    PS2 and PS4 Games
    Old Minecraft Youtube video
    2000s (Just the movies and everything)
    1970s-1990s Music
    Ratchet and Clank
    Fight Animation (Except Edgy Intro)
    Anime (Only Naruto, Attack on titans, Death Note and JoJo)
    Dark Humor
    WW2 History
    Super Smash Bros Series
    Star wars Battlefront 2 (2005)
    Telltale Games
    Saying m8
    Lost Media (Movies, Games and TV Shows)
    Shiba inu (Because I like dogs)
    1v1 Matches in Smash Bros
    and Old games

    Kids trying to be Hip and cool
    Cartoon network Reboot Show or Crappy Show
    Werid Art came from DeviantArt (Fetish Art)
    Monster School (Except Willcraft hes fine)
    Life Series (I hate it all)
    Raps (except 80s and 2000s)
    Fidget Spinner
    Minecraft Intro
    Minecraft IRL Video
    Fad Supporters
    A Thot
    Star Wars Battlefront (Reboot)
    Loud People
    and Finally Everybody else (Expect Friends and Good people)

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  1. I haven't post anything in MI for while


    Should I post something else new?

  2. Good work on your first animation Where is James Charles OVA
  3. 1. Favorite Song?: Safe and Sound - Capital Cites 2. Favorite Artist? Bob Ross 3. Some personality traits? Unhappy and Serious 4. What is your favorite color? Orange 5. Close or long ranged? Close 6. Brains or Brawn? Brawn
  4. The Tv Show Link called, He want his voice back
  5. Do you have any warnings, and what are they for?: One warning point Reason: Spamming (in 12/7/2016) From: EmunatorWhat is your age?: 18How often are you active on the forums and what is your timezone?: Always active but I'm not going to be active when College starts My timezone is PDT on West USA Why do you want to become a moderator and why should we pick you?: The reason why I decided to become a Mod in Mine-imator forum because I respected most of rules in this website and Discord server. As myself, I started MI since 2015 and I'm willing to be trustworthy for being Mod.Are you willing to join the official Discord server if you already haven't, and to be a moderator there as well?: I'm already part of MI discord server and I'm sure I don't need to be Mod in Discord server
  6. What timeline is this? This is Timeline where Nimi took full power of MI?
  7. Thanks for revealing scene of Fist of the north 3 Nice job on it
  8. I only see Digital color from Manga I read I rather go for OVA then
  9. Where is Netflix and Anime version? tbh I love the effort for the facial
  10. I finished first season few weeks ago but I gotta say This is great rig
  11. Friendly reminder that I scream at this trailer


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