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  1. Chono!

    Flip Animation Test

    thanks for the ideias man
  2. sup, i made it a fortnite dance on Mine-Imator feat. sans i don't know the point of living anymore
  3. Chono!

    Esteon | Just testing

    Sup. i made it a new character, here some pics.
  4. Chono!

    Girl Rig (M-I 1.1.2)

    simple,but nice
  5. Chono!

    Girl Rig (M-I 1.1.2)

    no pics no clicks
  6. Chono!

    Bruhlicious v1

    sweet anaimtion
  7. Chono!

    Fingers and Gloves Template

  8. Chono!

    Fingers and Gloves Template

    Hey, i'm made it new fingers and gloves templates for my rig, but i think is good upload the rig here to everyone uses. some pics: In use : (i only show gloves examples,but only fingers looks the same ok?) PS:I made it that rig in Comunity Build 3.0,I don't know if works in the latest uptades. Click here to download! You can Recolor all the rig! I Recomend remove 2 pixels in the arms to looks good.
  9. Chono!

    [Rig} Werner Werman

  10. Chono!

    Christmas Tree

    Simple but i like it
  11. Chono!

    (Co-op with Chono) OC Rig v1.0

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