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  1. I'm pretty sure I heard about it on Facebook or something
  2. well

    i've been dead for 5 months

    Where was I?

    on random websites

    i eventually forgot about this site

    then I saw a rig on the net and I kept on remembering this site.

    then I wanted to come back, and so did I.


    holy crap i can't believe how I acted before



    1. Mafa Animations

      Mafa Animations


      holy crap i can't believe how I acted before

      I probably was the worst piece of shit on the forums back in the day, probably the stupidest one xD

    2. Project Elytra
  3. <i was gonna strikethrough something but i dont know how to strikethrough using bbcode and I have 1302 notifications>

    ....how long have I been dead? .-.

  4. Aren't you too young to have facebook? (Btw having a facebook if your younger than 13 is a crime.) And aren't you a little young to be drawing CORRECT anime? (No offense, your profile just says your 10.)

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    2. RTB2033


      Oh for god sake.

    3. Poptart Chris

      Poptart Chris

      Ok fine, last thing for peps, "I started drawing anime I am sorry if it seemed like I was hati*falls asleep on keyboard*HHVBSKUFHKFJTYSGHRUIKJ

    4. RTB2033
  5. Hello~
    Just randomly felt like drawing a picture for you~
    Click here for the transparent version~

    1. Project Elytra

      Project Elytra

      Thank you... I like it ^_^

  6. ...Thank you for the tip. (Atleast maybe I'll edit my next wallpaper less or not even edit it at all) ...but srsly I get nervous when I see someone comment on this
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