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  1. You ever look back at your old terrible content and contemplate deleting it all?... I know I do

    1. Ghatos



      Why would I remove my old content? It allow me to see how I've inproved through the years months! 😄 (yeah I've been here for only a year)

      Also my earmuffs rig wasn't that bad, right? ;-;

    2. crustyjpeg


      i delete some of my old stuff from time to time if it's too damn cringeworthy, but other times i just leave it

  2. TFW you're addicted to Willy Wonka

  3. Because why not

  4. I know i left the forums, but i thought that before i left i should at least post this piece of art i don't know if i will post the assets, they took awhile to make this was when i had watched an RE7 stream and was addicted to it so i made this wallpaper out of addiction... here is the photo below As you can see the wallpaper needs a lot of work, but since this was what feels like 2 years ago i feel like i made some pretty good progress here is another photo below I know i didn't put any watermarks or anything but honestly i don't care
  5. This is a rip off version of R E A L I T Y... @The Tan James
  6. im pretty sure the rigs are by @SKIBBZ
  7. I was so hyped for this that i put like 30 reminders for this day, this was by far THE best Reality concept of all, the amount of detail is astonishing, the wait was worth it because that was phenomenal, well done.
  8. Almost been 3 months with my GF
  9. To be honest i expected better from such a great rig creator Photo #1: The torch isn't bright enough, neither are the particles, and the posing looks stiff and needs work. Photo #2: I know fad is kinda your thing but still... fad, everything in that picture has normal lighting except the bowtie, for some reason its glowing O_o All the other ones: Shadows need work along with posing
  10. Editing is a bit overdone imo, posing needs work, the direction of that sun beam isnt facing the same place as the shadow... so sun needs better placement, i would suggest maybe a face rig or something to make that character look less plain.
  11. Basically what i said but less detailed
  12. Criticism will help you to improve throughout time, so even though you said not to im going to give criticism as it could help you, The posing could use work, try taking a photo of the pose you wish to achieve and then replicating it into Mine-imator, i used to do this all the time and it helped alot, the glowing sphere, dont do that, that looks weird, i feel like the light from the lightsaber would be a little brighter, the scenery is... plain... the background being nothing but sky and cloud isn't helping the scenery at all, the sunlight lighting and what not could use some work, i think (im not completely sure) but i think @Nimi has a Tutorial on this? it could be someone else and i have it completely wrong but im not sure... i noticed that the blue blade is hitting the hilt and not the blade of the purple saber, and tbh that would just cut right through, it happened to Darth Mauls double blade, the camera angle isn't the best, could use some work and most importantly you need criticism, i keep bringing it up but criticism is what shapes people as animators and stuff, and maybe if you get so good but bored of Mine-Imator then you will move on to other stuff like Cinema4D or Blender and maybe even dedicate your life to animation. happy animating! EDIT: it was @Voxy not @Nimi my bad
  13. Salaudo

    Some Pixel Art

    thats nice! i have a few questions and suggestions, what do you use to make your pixel art? i have a streamer who considers himself a pixel art teacher (he is really good) and his idea is to start by drawing a silhouette, idk if you have ever tried that... have you? the shading could use some work, look at some tutorials, here is a tutorial i used other than that i like the pixel art man! EDIT: i forgot to say, i suggest Aseprite for a pixel art program, it works great!
  14. Idk if this is just me, but i love finding a wallpaper that imo isn't that great, and recreating it.... prob just me but whatever


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