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    1. Mafa Animations

      Mafa Animations


      Found the problem

  3. Stuff [Art]

    That's definitely a better comment I'm still working on the sizing/proportions on things admittedly, I don't think anyone's ever said the hairs too shiny but I can see what you mean. As for lighting . . . well, I could use a lot more practice with that. lol.
  4. Stuff [Art]

    That's a bit of a non-comment, doesn't really say anything at all if you think about it
  5. Stuff [Art]

    Guess who has two thumbs and discovered surfaces *points at self* Just stuff from within the last month or so: Yep, the building in the second picture is pretty empty.
  6. Tada *holds up picture*

  7. >.>

    1. Skjold


      Right is better imo

  8. Wallpapaer - The Forest

    I like the colouring of the trees and grass in V2, but the sky looks way too bright compared to the ground. While in V1 the problem is reversed. And as for the edited version of V1 . . . just what
  9. The City Girl

    I dont understand how that took 2-3 hours? I like the unedited version a lot more, the glowstone in the back of the edited version just doesn't look very good at all. The general colouring of the unedited version also looks nicer, makes it look more moody.
  10. January [Art]

    Admittedly January is already over but *shrugs* Bigger versions of some of thos pics Used screenshots from minecraft for a lot of backgrounds *points finger guns* And now for February I get to draw a whole bunch of characters that aren't Gavin (And hopefully work on drawing hands better+making characters fit into the minecraft screenshots more)
  11. Sum artz

    I dont generally do line art/outlines, so this is about the best I can offer for that idea I kinda prefer my art without outlines tbh, but I guess having the outlines match the colour of whatever they're next to might look okay?
  12. Sum artz

    Hello! *waves* I have continued to draw everyday since my [last post] I tried drawing a squidgy Gav most recently~! And now the rest can go in this spoiler lol
  13. Art

    *waves frantically* Hope everyone's having an alright year so far~! I've been working on improving my art for the last few days ^~^ So here's everything I've drawn so far in 2017. (I'm planning to draw everyday for the full year) Spoiler cause large images
  14. Late Night Stroll [Wallpaper]

    I did previously have trapdoors around the glowstone But wasn't sure how to make that look okay in a wallpaper despite the fact it actually looks alright in normal minecraft
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