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  1. I'd recommend playing with the lighting colors
  2. Not perfect, just made in like 1 minute but something more "grungy" I guess, could be brighter but too lazy to change
  3. I feel like a lot more could be done with the lighting and cinematography type stuff, maybe making the image have some sort of color correction to look more war-like colors wise, and having a better camera angle
  4. Mine-Imator has a feature called transitions that change the way it goes from Keyframe A to B. Use these to get smoother movements, and to make the camera instantly teleport instead of... doing whatever happened there
  5. Texel density is a thing in 3d where it's a consistent pixel size across different parts of an object and different objects. See how the body has big, stretched pixels and the upper toe parts have really small ones? I'd try to keep that more consistent. And the forearm is stretched
  6. If there's feedback I could give on it at it's current stage, it'd be to try to keep a more consistent texel density.
  7. Dunno why you have to be weird about it, this just makes it look a bit creepy tbh.
  8. Np, hope to see you experiment with it more! Also one other thing I noticed is the color of the sky is a bit too saturated if you notice it in the background.
  9. Maybe it is, from my previous experience stuff like this is usually counted as part of a lens flare though?
  10. Oooh I really like this, not oversaturated like a lot of wallpapers I see, the lighting is pretty nice, the lens flare doesn't look bad, etc. If there's something I'd change, maybe it would be to make the shadow color slightly lighter, and also maybe a slightly different hue, since Geonosis is primarily orange, I think the shadows should reflect that color a bit more.
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