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  1. Have i missed anything while ive been gone for so long?? :D

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    2. MYSELF3200


      Nothing interesting.

    3. tditdatdwt


      No, Acid. Nothing at all.

    4. iZesty


      So "the forums" happened xD

  2. iZesty

    Paul's Facial Rig v1.0

    Nice effort but there are too many face rigs on here, try go for something else and original
  3. iZesty

    Enchantedmob Funtime Freddys Rig Beta

    Pretty cool but as people have said, fad is heavily disliked around here so bit of a tip, try and avoid it
  4. What have I missed then? :D

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    2. tditdatdwt
    3. MYSELF3200


      Guy above me became mod.

      Don't let him fool you.

    4. ThatGuyBrian


      you've missed the point

  5. Merry (Early) Christmas EVERYONE!! <3

  6. iZesty

    [1.0.6] Roblox Rig

    Awesome, but make the body rounder on the edges, looks minecrafty (obviously )
  7. iZesty

    Drone Rig [W/ Camera]

  8. iZesty

    Testing Rig

  9. Any collabs going on?

  10. Remember FNA:TF game? :steve_lol:

  11. When you realize Jeffrey (Butler) from Fresh Prince died 4 days ago :steve_tearful:

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    2. -(Retro)-


      Then thats inaccurate, Hes not dead. He was born in St Lucia, Not St Louis.

    3. iZesty


      How is this, GOOGLE IS WRONG :o

    4. ShadowGMC
  12. iZesty


    And I care because? I'll post what I like thanks
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