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  1. [1.0.6] Roblox Rig

    Awesome, but make the body rounder on the edges, looks minecrafty (obviously )
  2. Drone Rig [W/ Camera]

  3. Testing Rig

  4. Any collabs going on?

  5. Remember FNA:TF game? :steve_lol:

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    2. TheLamyral


      The forum or the discord .w. ?

    3. iZesty


      Everything :steve_lol:

      Whats your discord anyway

    4. TheLamyral
  6. When you realize Jeffrey (Butler) from Fresh Prince died 4 days ago :steve_tearful:

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    2. -(Retro)-


      Then thats inaccurate, Hes not dead. He was born in St Lucia, Not St Louis.

    3. iZesty


      How is this, GOOGLE IS WRONG :o

    4. ShadowGMC


      @-(Retro)- he actually is dead

  7. Oof

    And I care because? I'll post what I like thanks
  8. Oof

    I don't even know, also FIRST time using transitions besides linear!
  9. Dunno, I was bored tbh so here
  10. Idk what 2 do :/

  11. Jenny goes rar

    20th time watching and I still love it...
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