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  1. >tfw Minecraft Youtubers are now having problems with the copyright system

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. YoshiHunter


      This is why I don't plan on doing yt as my career. If I was him, I would switch over to vanillo or something.

    3. Dannyboi


      Isn't Vanillo already down?

    4. YoshiHunter


      It is infact... nvm

  2. This is so dated but I love it.


  3. I hope everyone knows that the Minecraft Classic that they added again isn’t the real Minecraft Classic. It’s a very poor recreation.

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    2. hiendiep55


      I'm sure Microsoft covered the whole Notch thing from the past and thinking they own MC but not notch

    3. Ethanial


      Well they do own it. Notch is the creator though.

    4. hiendiep55


      Yeah but they didn't invited him when He started MC since 2009 and didn't credited him for something


  4. I don’t play servers like that with 99% of my time. Everyone who is butt hurt about 1.9 are the same people who only ever play the same mini game severs all day. The cool down actually helps you become better. Spam clicking is not a viable strategy anymore and thank god for that. Axes and Swords are high risk and reward, you could change out a sword for an axe have a longer cool down time but output more damage and disable shields. 1.9 combat actually makes you think about how to fight, how you pick your battles.
  5. They didnt even want to associate with Notch. It freakin sucked man.
  6. Thanks, Notch. 

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